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Robotech Masters

I feel guilty for saying this... but do you remember a time before the triumvirate? A time when we were capable of feeling pleasure, pain, happiness, or even loneliness. I wonder, what is it like to feel love?


Musica, also known as Mystress of the Cosmic Harp, was character in in the series Robotech: The Masters, and was voiced by Chelsea Victoria. Musica was of the muses of the Robotech Masters. The most headstrong of her triumvirate clone sisters, Allegra and Octavia, she actively defied her elders, and rejected her mate Karno. Much to the ire of her people, she fell in love with the human Bowie Grant. She was also named Musika in Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, the series which was adapted into the second "saga" of Robotech.


As a "muse" of the Robotech Masters, Musica's music was used to keep the Robotech Masters clones complacent and obedient. Musica was known through her society as the 'Mystress of the Cosmic Harp'. Octavia, in yellow, plays a dulcimer-like instrument and Allegra in the pink, played a stringed instrument resembling a Cello. She grew to dislike her society after a brief encounter with Bowie Grant, a human soldier of the Army of the Southern Cross. She developed a deep infatuation with him, but knew that their relationship would be forbidden. She detested the way of the triumvirate, and began to embrace individuality. She argued often with her clone sister Octavia, and her elders regarding their way of life. She even rejected Karno, head of the ship's security triumvirate, as a potential genetic mate. It was here that Musica made alarming display of emotion, something deemed as an abnormality in the Masters' society.


Shattered WorldEdit

Musica led a peaceful life, along with her clone sisters, aboard the Robotech Masters motherships. As the Mystress of the Cosmic Harp, it was her duty to keep the local clone population obdient and complacent. However, a chance encounter with Bowie Grant, a human soldier of the Army of the Southern Cross, stirred something inside her. She began developing complex human emotions, and questioned why her society had chosen to repress them. She formed an unusually strong attachment to the enemy soldier, and longed to see him once more. As the Second Robotech War progressed, she became more and more detached from her society and the way of the triumvirate, much to the shock of her peers.

On The RunEdit

She fled with the 15th ATAC Squad after she betrayed her people and freed the ATAC members who were held captive by the Masters. While on Earth, Musica finally shared a moment with Bowie Grant. The two quickly bonded and developed a deep, almost spiritual connection that few understood. Musica also helped Zor Prime regain his lost memories. She became the key to Zor Prime realizing he was in fact, Zor, the first Robotech Master.

Musica would again flee, this time with Bowie Grant, as the couple were hunted down by Nova Satori and the Global Military Police (GMP). They hid themselves in Ruins of the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1). There they find the Invid Flower of Life, which had finally blossomed, and signaled the imminent arrival of the Invid.


Musica returned once more, along with the remnants of the 15th Squad, aboard the alien mothership. In the ensuing battle, her sister, Octavia, was killed while she tried to lead her people to safety. She was deeply disturbed by this event, but knew she had to carry forward as an individual. In the aftermath of the Battle of Monument City, she and her friends could only stare at the sky as the spores of the Flower of Life spread throughout the planet.

Before the Invid StormEdit

After the war, Musica, along with Bowie, began volunteering for various peace groups and relief operations. The two participated in a number of demonstrations, which were often brutally supressed by the Global Military Police (GMP). Musica herself became involved in overseeing the welfare of her people, and tried her best to warn humanity of the impending arrival of the Invid. Her warnings remained unheeded, right until the Invid Invasion.

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