Neutron-S Missile
Production information

Orbital Weapon of Mass Destruction

Technical specifications

2,200 meters


1,450 meters

Fold capable


Power plant

RRG mk 18 protoculture-fueled Reflex furnace cluster


Robotech Expeditionary Force

The Neutron-S Missile, or Neutron-Scattering Missile, was a immense weapon of mass destruction that was deployed during the final battle on Reflex Point in the Third Robotech War.


Aside from the Robotech Masters' motherships, the Neutron-S Missiles were probably the most massive space warships ever built, and consisted of nothing more than a fold-engine, numerous reaction thrusters, and history's largest Reflex weapon of mass destruction.

The Neutron-S warhead was intended to bombard the Reflex Point hive complex and surrounding area with concentrations of scattering neutrons from points above the Invid structures. Reflex based technologies and large reserves of Protoculture have been known to detinate in powerful explosions after targeted neutron stimulation, the hope was that this same effect would occur within the hives, the Invid mecha, possibly the mutated Flowers of Life and the Invid themselves since their survival relies on the aforementioned. Such a scenario could theoretically initiate a *reflex reaction chain* that when not properly maintained by an adequate control matrix will result in a massive destructive force. According to simulation models, it would consume the extensive Reflex Point hive complex, the Regis, all forces (both Invid and REF) within the affected area and probably nearby hives. Of course there was always the risk of a runaway reaction that would devastate much if not most of the Earth's surface, or even worse obliterate the planet entirely.

The forward-most section of the weapon was the heavily armored warhead itself, to the rear of which was attached a battery of sixteen reaction thrusters for terminal delivery to the target. Aft of the warhead was a large cap lying between the main drive section and the warhead section, to which the warhead mounted. Sixteen aft pointing reaction engines were located on the exterior of the cap. In addition, the cap had a mounting point fitted, where an Ikazuchi-class large cruiser would dock for slaved navigation and to guarentee non-remote arming of this unbelievably dangerous missile until it approached the target. The cap was a total of 250 meters long.

Further aft of the cap was the main drive section, consisting mainly of reaction-mass tanks, the fold-drive, navigational computers, main powerplant, and the remaining four main reaction thrusters. To save design and production effort, the Neutron-S missiles used salvaged Tirolian fold drives.


The basis for the Neutron-S Missile dates back many millennia, the original design was by the Robotech Masters, intended as a weapon of incredible mass destruction. Less than a dozen incomplete missile spaceships remained on board the Robotech Factory Satellite when it was captured in 2013, by a small, joint Zentraedi-RDF force under the command of Lord Breetai and in association with representatives of the United Earth Forces. Earth and recently allied Zentraedi reconnissence vessels, the beginning of the Pioneer Expedition, located the RFS and it's minimal defensive fleet after nearly a year of searching. The mission was given an extremely high priority not only because of the Factory's presumed ability to construct combat cruisers and mecha that Earth despirately needed, but also due to concern that work may have resumed on the N-S Missiles detailed in the recent partial decryption of the classified Zentraedi database.

Research, experimentation, and gradual construction continued under human control once the missiles inside the RFS reached Earthspace. It wasn't until the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) and the Invid occupying Earth were locked in form of a logistics race, to determine who would assert total control over the Earth and eventually the universe, that work was completed on the remaining operational Neutron-S Missiles. The Expeditionary Forces, considering that they might lose this race by dint of the Invid occupying the one planet with a significant Flower of Life supply, felt justified in finalizing creation of this WMD to ensure that when the war was over, they would stand victorious, one way or another.

These weapons were brought to Earth just prior to what was to be a final attempt to dislodge the Invid from the Flower of Life infested planet, that happened to also be humanity's cradle of life and still its homeworld. The final reinvasion initially proceeded much as planned, except for the bad omen of Admiral Rick Hunter and the SDF-3's failure to arrive from fold, but began to turn against the REF so Shadow Fighters were covertly launched to Earth. The Invid Regess had discovered how to detect and target Shadow ships and mecha, the attack went badly and the missiles were brought up to be launched. Admiral Rick Hunter and the REF Planetary Council had authorized use of the N-S Missiles as a last ditch effort, Admiral Reinhardt grew impatient and against his officer's objections decided his forces were going to be unsuccessful and without giving them an opportunity to withdraw, armed and launched the warheads. Fortunately for Earth, the Regess had already begun extraction of her forces and hives from the planet in the form of an energy phoenix, she dissolved the missiles and a small portion of the REF fleet as they departed for another world. She had spared Earth and the few humanoid Invid whom had chosen to remain behind, including Ariel and Sera.

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