Point K
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  • Reinforce Earth Defenses
  • Take out Enemy Strongholds

South America

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Point K, Rook. You see, it's the place where Admiral Hunter put down to plan an advanced attack base.”

Scott Bernard

Point K was a well known forward base of the Earth Reclamation Force, sent by Admiral Rick Hunter's Mars Base of the Robotech Expeditionary Force. The base was composed of 6,000 troops and 2,000 veritech units. Only the top flight squadrons were chosen for this operation, with their commaning officers being hand-picked by Admiral Rick Hunter himself. Their main objective was to launch offensives against the enemy strongholds, and to become a rallying point for surviving Earth defense forces and guerrilla fighters.


As the Second Robotech War was ending, Earth learned that a new threat may already be on the way. Potential intelligence was collected from their new allies, such as Musica, captured Robotech Masters elite, the partially decoded Robotech Department and Jupiter Section's Zentraedi databases, and even from Dana Sterling's Protoculture induced visions. Planning quickly began with the working premise that the new invader would be the Invid Regess, who would be expected to arrived with her armored soldiers in force from columns of light, from which they would viciously swarm perceived threats in great numbers.

Many of the REF and ASC forces still in Earthspace, especially those on the planet's surface, would be strategicly withdrawn to off world staging areas, from where they could reinvade humanity's homeworld once planetside forces had engaged the newest invaders. The Earth Defense Expedition changed their operational force designation from Robotech Relief Expedition to Earth Reclamation Force.

When the advanced attack base, as planned by Admiral Rick Hunter, was first established on Earth, they weren't even sure who they would be fighting. Their primary mission was to launch an attack against the enemy's stronghold once that location was determined, unfortunately there were a couple of complications. Within minutes of the destructive light columns touching down, the Invid established fortified hives worldwide, began jamming communications, and swarming the mission's reconnaissance and other active forces beyond the base's parameter. After the Invid Invasion, the forces of Point K played a key role in the evacuation of Earth, then resumed their primary mission with expanded objectives. Over time, more and more Invid forces were stationed in the base's locality, making operations increasingly difficult, until they reached a virtual stalemate. One night, Point K was finally overrun by Invid forces attacking in mass, all personnel and civilians were killed and the base was left devastated. The nearby village was also destroyed, with the Invid leaving no survivors.

How the base survived the Invid occupation until the year before Earth was liberated, remained a mystery as all communications had been lost.


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