Project Excalibur was originally commissioned by the newly established Robotech Defense Force (RDF), in cooperation with Viggers Industries to incorporate Robotechnology into their armies. It became clear to the researchers and engineers that the well-established conventional tank/APC duet was no longer a completely satisfying military option in the face of alien incursion. Thus, as a response to the advanced mecha found on board the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1), the Destroid series were developed, using an anthropomorphic design for true all-terrain capabilities.

Because of the new technologies used, design and manufacture of initial individual mecha units were extremely expensive. Thus, when the specifications were drawn up for several of the new front-line mecha, attempts were made to retain a high degree of interoperability. In this vein, two classes of destroids which had to answer near identical demands on strength and mobility were specified to use a common leg section. The sections of these Destroids above the waist would however differ, which in the long-run, saved costs.

The first prototype, MBX-01 Destroid Prototype, was extensively field tested while under the strict supervision of project leader Anatole Leonard. Initial results were positive, however, majority of resources were soon diverted to transformable Variable Technology or Veritech vehicle designs. The project was later greenlit, and several variants of destroids were produced and rolled out in several military installations around the world prior the beginning of the First Robotech War.

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