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Proteus Group was a consortium of companies that was founded during the Reconstruction Era. Their subsidiaries focused on both civilian and military markets, utilizing the latest advancements in Robotechnology. While nowhere near the size of their rival, Shimada Enterprises, they still managed to capture a sizeable portion of the market over the decades, on Earth, as well as in the colonies.


Reconstruction EraEdit

After the collapse of the economy following the Zentraedi Holocaust, many firms struggled to survive. The Proteus Group was formed shortly after, with many of its subsidiaries specializing in a wide array of technological, scientific, and medical fields. Their research and development departments were at the forefront of protoculture-based technology. They provided a wide range of consumer goods, as well as become one of the first to reintroduce trans-orbital shuttle services. In the lead up to the Pioneer Expedition, the Proteus Group became one of the United Earth Government's key partners in the deep space research and mecha development.

Malcontent UprisingsEdit

As Destroids began falling out of favor with the Robotech Defense Force, the Proteus Group successfully bidded to produced a new line of smaller, more efficient battloids that could handle a variety of situations and settings.

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