An all-purpose, consumer-grade Protoculture Cell.

Do you know what Protoculture tastes like?! I may be hungry, but I'm not that hungry!

Jim "Lunk" Austin, Bio-Engineer

A Protoculture Cell, sometimes referred to as Robotech Cannister or Fuel Cell, was a small storage container of Protoculture-refined fuel. They were introduced some time during the Reconstruction Era, and became the de-facto energy source by both the civilian and military sectors. During the Second Robotech War, Chief-of-Staff Rolf Emerson mistakenly assumed that the Robotech Masters were after Earth's dwindling supply of protoculture, likely referring to these cells.


  • According to longtime fan Robotech_Master, contrary to previous theories, there was actually numerous dialog-based evidence of Protoculture Cells in use by the Second Robotech War.
    • In Episode 79: Frostbite of Robotech: The New Generation, we see a hidden city, preserved since the eve of the Invid invasion at the end of the Second Robotech War. In this city, protoculture cells were available in an ordinary consumer grocery store. Rook wheels a shopping cart full of them past the aisle where Rand and Annie are making pigs of themselves.
    • In Episode 66: Hard Times of Robotech: The New Generation, we see a motorcycle gang member who had stolen a case of protoculture, and was offering to sell it to his fellow gangers--none of whom has a Cyclone. Numerous other times we see vehicles that have the telltale circular shape of a protoculture cell inserted as a power source--civilian and military alike.
    • Thus, protoculture canisters' use on earth was widespread, and pre-dated the Robotech Expeditionary Force's return. So where did all this non-manufacturable protoculture come from? It seemed reasonable to assume it came from the protoculture supplies of the nearly five million Zentraedi battleships that crashed on earth or lay derelict in space. Even if only a fraction of those could be salvaged, and they only had a few months' worth of protoculture each, that would still be more than enough to power the entire earth military, Expeditionary Force, and even civilian vehicles from now until doomsday.

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