A Zentraedi undergoing micronization.

The Protoculture Chamber, sometimes referred to as Robotech Chamber, was a device that allowed Zentraedi to alter their size in a process referred to as micronization. While these devices were usually present aboard Zentraedi command vessels, by the Reconstruction Era, only one known device remained on Earth.


The Protoculture Chamber was unique in that it only worked on Zentraedi genetic structure, which was especially encoded for intentional reduction to human size. This micronization process would subject its user to be bathed in a strange mixture of chemicals and protoculture. This transformation completely changed the massive beings into human-sized equivalents, with proportional strength and endurance.

The micronization process could be reversed. Although the enlargements and reductions were not painful, it was physically taxing, leaving its subject temporarily weak and nauseous. However, frequent transformations within a short period of time will place such a strain on the metabolism that could prove lethal.


After the Zentraedi Holocaust, the last known Protoculture Chamber was stored at a secure location in New Detroit. It was later seized by Khyron's renegade forces, and was used to resize disenfranchised micronized Zentraedi citizens. After the Battle of New Macross City, the Chamber was reacquired and stored in a more secure military installation.

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