The Protogen War consumed the entire galaxy.

The Protogen War was a major galactic conflict fought between the Robotech Masters and their creation, a giant humanoid race that were the predecessor of the Zentraedi. The Robotech Masters, who had reached the peak of their society, failed to correctly program their creations, and were caught in the crossfire of this devastating conflict.


For eons, the Robotech Masters have dominated the universe. Details on where they came from, how they rose to power, and what motivated them could be traced back to the discovery of the Flower of Life, and the advancements of a new science known as Robotech that followed.

It was the Tirolian Zor, and his discovery of Protoculture that propelled his society light-years ahead of the other intelligent life forms in the galaxy. Protoculture was derived from the Invid Flower of Life; a bizarre alien plant with almost mystic properties. From cloning, genetic manipulation, to the creation of new life, Protoculture became the life blood of this new society of "techno-wizards". For the newly fashioned Robotech Masters, it wasn't enough. As their Robotech Empire expanded beyond the feasibility of their existing defense fleets, they decided to create an entirely new race of warriors to serve as their "intergalactic police force".

These proto-genetically engineered giants were designed to be superior in every way to their creators. However, the Robotech Masters failed to correctly program them, leading to disloyalty in the giant's ranks. One by one, the giants began fighting amongst one another other. The fighting spread, and soon, war broke out, with the great Robotech Empire caught in the crossfire.

The war eventually ended, but with the once-great Empire left a shadow of its former self. What was left of the leadership of the Robotech Masters became obsessed with the triplicate nature of the Flower of Life. An entirely new society took shape, one that was barely recognizable to what had come before. Ultimately, the giant humanoid warriors endured, eventually evolving into the Zentraedi, now serving the Masters almost without question.


  • The concept of the Protogen War was based on a crucial scene in Episode 31: Khyron's Revenge of Robotech: The Macross Saga, where Captain Henry Gloval began debriefing his crew about the origins of the Zentraedi.
  • In the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross, that conflict depicted here was actually about the "Protoculture", the first sentient humanoid race to evolve in this universe, about one million years ago. According to the official chronology of series, the Protoculture became also the first advanced humanoid civilization in the known universe 500,000 years ago. 100 years later they genetically engineered the giant Zentradi race for its proxy warfare, which contributed greatly to the expansion of the Protoculture Civilization's sphere of influence across space. The Protoculture's later space colonization program began by super-light-velocity spaceships using fold navigation which achieved the unification of a Stellar Republic that controlled much of the Milky Way galaxy. In time, a conflict broke out, splitting the Stellar Republic, resulting in what would be known as the "The Schism Wars".


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