QF-3000 Ghost Drone Fighter
Production information



Drone Fighter

Technical specifications

16.0 meters


7.2 meters


6.3 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1,200 km/h

Engine unit(s)

Shimada Propulsion DR110 turbofan

Sensor systems

Howard AWG-20 X-band pulse-Doppler radar


Robotech Research Group mk3 Heuristic Expert Piloting/Combat System

  • Elettronica Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
  • OlDelft Infra-red Warning Receiver (IRWR)
  • Westinghouse ALQ-200 active radar jammer
  • 6 x GU-9 55mm single barrel autocannon
  • 2 x missile bay

Robotech Defense Force

The QF-3000 Ghost Drone Fighter was an unmanned drone fighter of the Robotech Defense Force (RDF) that was active during First Robotech War. A manned version was also developed as the war progressed.


The QF-3000C Ghost drone was designed to act as a supplement to the Valkyrie series Veritech and other fighters of the Robotech Defense Force (RDF). As such, early versions were equipped with a traditional turbine for long range atmospheric flight, and two hybrid ramjet/reaction engines as boosters for extra bursts of speed. The drone did not have any wings, but instead relied on body lift to stay airborne.


Ghost drones on approach vector towards the SDF-1.

The QF-3000C Ghost was acquired exclusively by the Robotech Defense Force, where it served in limited numbers. Before a year had passed since they entered service, the Air Force's -C variants were refit with a fusion turbine for extreme altitude operations, though it was not yet space- capable. This new variant, the -D, was purchased by both the RDF Air Force and Navy, and was not replaced by the -E until after the Zentraedi Holocaust. The new high-altitude variant piqued the interest of the RDF, which immediately began to develop a space-capable version. This variant, the -E, was immediately procured by the Spacy, and after the return of the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1) after the Zentraedi Holocaust, the remaining Air Force and Navy variants were upgraded to this standard. QF-3000Es were stationed on Macross Island in 2009, and on the Armor series orbital platforms and on the SDF-1 itself. However, combat experience showed that the tactical usefulness of these craft was doubtful, due to Zentraedi tactics and technology, and they were mainly used in an escort or defensive capacity.


The armor of the Ghost was composed of an advanced titanium-steel alloy. The armor stopped all small arms fire, provides good protection against heavier infantry weapons, such as a 12.7mm machinegun round, and fair resistance to light mecha-mounted weaponry, such as the Zentraedi 22.3mm HE autocannon round.


Most of the early runs of the Ghost were destroyed in the Zentraedi Holocaust and the attack on Dolza's fortress. Later on, newly built drones were based on the Armor ships that had escaped the bombardment, but all were soon replaced and decommissioned. This being said, the Ghost was still popular with some pilots, who felt that the drones provided excellent fire support in target-rich environments, as well as being good decoys when the piloted planes were vastly outnumbered.

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