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Rand was the first member of Scott Bernard's freedom fighters during the Third Robotech War, in the series Robotech: The New Generation, and was voiced by Frank Catalano. Cool-headed and street smart, Rand had been drifter throughout most of his life until he became a valuable part of Scott Bernard's resistance group. He had a relationship with Rook Bartley. He was named Ray in Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, the series which was adapted into the third "saga" of Robotech.


Rand spent most of youth wandering the wastelands. He grew up to be a scavenger, without ties or allegiance to anybody. Life for him was all about survival, having grown to enjoy outwitting the Invid occupation forces. His resourcefulness became an asset when he joined Scott Bernard's crusade to destroy Reflex Point. He grew fond of the dour soldier from space, and knew his skills were better served serving a higher calling.


Rand remained optimistic throughout his journey, even when things were at their most dire. He cared deeply for his fellow freedom fighters, particularly the feisty Rook Bartley. He enjoyed teasing their youngest member, Annie LaBelle, nicknaming her "Mint" for her love of peppermint candies. His sharp mind and quick reflexes were valuable assets in his many misadventures. By the end of the war, he had become a more capable, well rounded individual. He confessed his affections for Rook Bartley, and the two set off to have a new life together. He would later go on to write his memoirs.


  • Frank Catalano, the voice actor of Rand, has stated that he played the role thinking the character to be tough, like a New Yorker.
  • In the original Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, Ray (Rand in Robotech) was originally a born a psychic, after being exposed to Invid transmission towers. The writers of Robotech noted this, but addressed his powers as that caused by the Invid Flower of Life, and other such elements to tie the series further together. Frank Catalano, the voice of Rand, did not know this at the time, claiming that Carl Macek never really told the actors the bigger picture of the story.

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