The SDF-1 now rests around the newly built New Macross City.

The surface of Earth has been leveled. Nothing remains standing except charred hulks amidst desolate waste. Now, in the terrible wake of galactic holocaust, the few pitiful survivors of the once proud Macross City bravely struggle to pull themselves back from the edge of extinction.


The Reconstruction Era was the period of Earth's recovery and reconstruction following the Zentraedi Holocaust, a near-extinction event that caused 70% of the planet being bombarded by Reflex weaponry by the Zentraedi Grand Fleet leaving 95% of the surface completely devastated. For the 70,000 survivors aboard the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1), along with roughly 100 million survivors on Earth, it was a long and harsh period that spanned several years. The few cities and population centers that survived the bombardment were scattered, and took some time before contact and trade was reestablished. A Natural Recovery Planning Zone was established to help restore the environment. This period was punctuated by violence and unrest from disenfranchised Zentraedi, who until recently had been forced to assimilate with human society. Many of these dissatisfied Zentraedi would eventually leave civilization, preferring to wander the harsh wastelands of the planet.


Only a handful of survivors remain scattered throughout the Earth. It is now two years after the cataclysmic war between the people of Earth and the Zentraedi invaders. The destruction of the planet was overwhelming with vast, pockmarked desolation where great cities and beautiful forests once stood.


It was during this turbulent period following the Zentraedi Holocaust, that humanity began rebuilding their shattered society. The United Earth Government was reestablished, along with a number of major cities. These metropolis included Denver, New Macross City, Monument City, New Portland and several more across the planet. Various cities and villages were also established throughout South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

A new industrial revolution began, with several new factories being established, producing advanced Robotech-based systems and technology. It was during this time that the Gloval Initiative was enacted, a vast operation that would eventually lead up to the Pioneer Mission, with the bulk of Earth's forces joining the Pioneer Expedition. It was also during this time that a number of off-world bases were constructed, including Moon Base ALICE and Moon Base Luna.

This era saw isolated pockets of conflict, as the surviving Zentraedi population struggled to conform to a new way of life among the humans. These early revolts were easily suppressed, as many disenfranchised Zentraedi wandered the wastelands looking for another kind of life. This would be the starting point for future rebellions, notably the Malcontent Uprising a few years later.

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