Zentraedi technicians working on the Reflex Furnace's main reactor.

The Reflex Furnace was a special reactor usually that powered protoculture-based technology. It had various military applications, such as its use in Reflex Weaponry, notably the Reflex Cannon of the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross, warheads about the ARMD cruisers. Furnaces were also used as power generators for off-world installations such as Mars Base Sara, Moon Base Luna and Moon Base ALICE.

Usage in Reflex WeaponryEdit

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Main Article: Reflex Cannon

A protoculture-based reactor was required to sustain the furnace. Reflex weaponry employed the same fields, channeling the released energy into destructive uses. Reflex cannons focused their energy into beam weapons, while Reflex warheads intentionally initiate a self-destructive feedback loop, usually using a non-protoculture energy source to initiate the cycle.


  • The term Protoculture first came up during pre-production story development for The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Japanese TV series (Big West/Studio Nue, 1982), when the creators were researching cultural studies to develop concepts to be used in the plot. Robotech bastardized the term to refer to a high energy source.
  • The term Reflex was a euphemism used in a lot of Japanese science fiction to describe all things nuclear-related. In the adaptation-oriented atmosphere of the early eighties, no one caught onto this subtle cultural footnote, and the translation was unintentionally bent as a result.
  • The idea that Reflex furnace is a paired annihilation reactor was "borrowed from the original Japanese Macross Compendium.

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