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Reflex Point was a complex system of Invid hives located over the North American Great Lakes, with the main hive centered in what was previously the state of Michigan. It was the primary hive inhabited by the Invid's Supreme Ruler, the Regess during the Third Robotech War. She chose this area as her command center because conditions there were ideal to create a fertile valley filled with the Invid Flowers of Life, their reproductive spores spread eastward across the North American continent following a catastrophe at location SX.83 during the Second Robotech War. The area was referred to as Refless Point in Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, the series which was adapted into the third "saga" of Robotech.


Reflex Point was a massive complex of hives, and the main command center of the Invid Regess. The hive was capable of being seen from orbit as large red/orange mass. At night, the Invid hive changes colors to a cooler, bluish hue. The central hive was incredibly well defended by Invid Shock Troopers and Invid Scouts, and no living bio-matter could enter due to powerful Protoplex Energy Barrier Hive Shields situated around the hive complexes.

Many of the connected hives of Reflex Point were Protoculture producing facilities, thanks to the abundance of Invid Flower of Life in the area. Others were used by the Invid Regess for her evolutionary experiments.



Reflex Point, as seen from orbit.

During the Second Robotech War, the Robotech Masters sought to recover the hidden Protoculture Factory Matrix, which they suspected was hidden at location SX.83. This was the code name assigned by the United Earth Government to the three mounds where exhausted Protoculture based components from the wreckage of the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1) were buried following the Battle of New Macross City in 2014. The ruins contained the Flowers of Life, which had mutated into the variety desired by the Invid and already begun to escape the containment of the SDF-1's burnt out Reflex Furnace, where the Factory had been hidden by Zor many years prior. In an act of desperation, Zor Prime blew up a Masters' mothership above the three mounds in an attempt to wipe out the flowers and factory matrix once and for all; however, the attempt backfired as the blast only succeeded in scattering the spores across the surface of the Earth.

The Invid Sensor Nebulae had already detected the Flowers of Life growing on Earth, it relayed this information to the Regess who responded by gathering her children and the Invid Invasion soon began. The Army of the Southern Cross, United Earth Forces, and some of the Earth Reclamation Forces planetside, already weakened by the constant fighting with the Robotech Masters, were no match for the battle-hungry Invid. Earth quickly fell under the control of the Regess and her Invid, she chose a region the planet with favorable conditions and a significant Flowers of Life buildup for her massive hive complex, known as Reflex Point, that could actually be seen from space. The Invid might have chosen SX.83 for their main hive had the REF and ASC not already removed the remains of the Protoculture Factory Matrix and its contents before they arrived.

After years of failed attempts to liberate the Earth, the returning Robotech Expeditionary Force launched a extensive final assault to capture Reflex Point and the Regess. Led by the Super Dimension Fortress-4 Liberator (SDF-4), the expedition utilized the new AFC-01X Shadow Fighter and AFQ-01X Shadow Drone and was prepared to use Neutron-S Missiles to destroy Reflex Point and potentially the entire planet if the mission failed. The Regess decided to save her children and the Earth by withdrawing from the conflict, she summoned her forces and generated a wormhole fold that encompassed their hives worldwide, filled with protoculture and Flowers of Life. The departing phoenix of light vaporized the Neutron-S Missiles and a few very unfortunate REF vessels, but it carried the Invid away from Earth and to a new home on another world.

A short time later, the famed singer Yellow Dancer held a farewell concert near the Regess' point of departure from Reflex Point, to celebrate the conclusion of the Third Robotech War and a new rebirth for Earth, he also revealed his true idenity as Lancer to his fans.

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