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The Regess was a character in Robotech: The New Generation, and voiced by Alexandra Kenworthy. She was the ultimate leader of the Invid, and was drawn to Earth after her Invid Sensor Nebula detected the presence of the Invid Flower of Life on the surface. She abandoned her world of Optera and raced through the cosmos to her goal.

On Earth, the Regess became obsessed with her with evolution and finding the ultimate form suitable to living on the planet. After years of trial and error, she decided to evolve a number of her children into humans, the most notable of whom were Ariel, Corg and Sera. Over time, she fended off several human fleets from deep space that tried to reclaim their world. At first, she was able to fight them off without much trouble, but by the final battle on Reflex Point, her stronghold, she began questioning whether she had made a mistake. Having sensed the dark power of the Neutron-S Missiles, she feared seeing the shadow of the Robotech Masters on humanity. Ultimately, she left Earth to seek out a high level of evolution elsewhere. She was named Refless in Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, the series which was adapted into the third "saga" of Robotech.


  • Carl Macek along with many Classic Robotech spelled Regess as Regis. This spelling was ultimately changed for the Visions continuity.

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