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Robotech: Fall of the Southern Cross is the first arc of the Robotech Visions project, and featured the illustrations of User:Mechachap, and was originally published on the Robotech Visions Facebook Group. The illustrations for this series depicted the aftermath of the Second Robotech War prior to the arrival of the Invid. Earth's surviving defenders try pick up the pieces, but are met with some resistance by remnant forces of the Robotech Masters. The arrival of a new fleet from the Robotech Expeditionary Force only complicates matters further.


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The Second Robotech War ended with no winners. In his final act, Zor Prime failed to destroy the protoculture, instead spreading the spores of the Flower of Life across the planet.

The Army of the Southern Cross was now battered and decimated, while the Robotech Masters were literally adrift and powerless with their leaders having been killed off and their protoculture matrix completely exhausted.

With Supreme Commander Anatole Leonard and many senior officers perishing in the final furious battles, the situation threatens to fall into disarray and strong leadership was needed. General Maistroff was summoned out of retirement to become Supreme Commander once again.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Character ChangesEdit

As part of Robotech Visions' universe, Robotech: Fall of the Southern Cross only considers the original series as canon, to allow maximum creative freedom for the authors. This "series" began as several mood illustrations, meant to flesh out the finale of Robotech: The Masters. The scope of the story expanded to further expound on the "fall" of the United Earth Forces, and the long wait before the invasion of the Invid. Details included the return of a new fleet of the Robotech Expeditionary Force, led by Commodore Nolan Benson, a character last seen in the Classic Robotech work, Robotech II: The Sentinels. New scenes were published to evoke character growth and resolve lingering threads, such as the relationship of Nova Satori and Dennis Brown.

As the series was released, the story began focusing on Jonathan Wolfe, who was previously mentioned in the original series, Robotech: The New Generation, as part of the first wave of reinforcements from deep space to go against the Robotech Masters on Earth. According to the authors of this series, this was an intentional decision, and served to set up Wolfe's own "fall" following the Invid Invasion. One of the biggest changes made from currently established "canon" has to do with the return of Lynn Minmei, who was previously depicted in many Classic Robotech works leaving Earth to pursue Rick Hunter. For Visions continuity, it was decided that Minmei not only stayed on Earth and lived a happy life as a musician and humanitarian, but she eventually hired the three former Zentraedi spies Bron, Konda and Rico as her concert roadies. In some ways, this ending works better than previous iterations of Minmei, which the authors felt was a disservice to the character.

New MechaEdit

One of the more unusual decisions to be seen in the illustrations of this series was the appearance of the new VHT-3 Kratos Hover Tank, a more powerful variant of the standard VHT-1 Spartas Hover Tank, as well as a new "Purple" Bioroid, and battloid designs. Given that in Robotech Visions timeline, almost more than a year passes before the arrival of the Invid, new designs could be rolled out by the surviving forces of the Army of the Southern Cross and the Robotech Masters.

Timeline ChangesEdit

With regards to timeline, one year was allotted between the end of the Second Robotech War and the arrival of the Invid. This proved to be a controversial decision, as some individuals feel that the Invid arrived on Earth almost immediately after the end of the war with the Robotech Masters. According to the authors of this series, the reason for this change was to allow the Army of the Southern Cross (ASC) to become complacent in failing to adequately prepare for the Invid. The remnants forces of the Robotech Masters were made to be a larger, more immediate threat to Earth's security, which helps explain how quickly ASC fell during the Invid Invasion.



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