Robotech: Invid War: Aftermath

Bruce Lewis

Cover artist

Bruce Lewis


Bruce Lewis


Chris Ulm

Publication information
  • Eternity Comics
Release date

November 1993 - May 1995

Robotech: Invid War: Aftermath is a black and white comic series created by Bruce Lewis, and was published by Eternity Comics and later, Academy Comics.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Ten years have passed since the final battle at Reflex Point. The former freedom fighters who have been left behind on Earth have made their home at an abandoned resort town called Belmont. Over the years, Belmont has become a sort of utopian democracy, filled with people of every race and creed. It would have remained that way but for the return of prodigal son Scott Bernard, last seen taking off to find Admiral Rick Hunter and the SDF-3 a decade ago.

Bernard is among friends again, but he certainly doesn't act like it. By his side stands a mysterious black-haired woman who has become his most trusted confindant; his old friends are treated as little more than pawns. He soon reorganizes the Robotech Defense Force within Belmont's walls, and before long the liberal democracy becomes a military dictatorship with Bernard as its figurehead, former GMP head Nova Satori as its true ruler, and mysteriously scarred Rook Bartley as its chief enforcer.

Before long, a group of Zentraedi refugees led by Ganz Hohsq finds its way to Belmont's now-closed borders. Turned away by Bartley's troops, the Iron Butterflies, the Zentraedi kidnap the Invid princess Sera and take up camp in an abandoned -- and radioactive -- RDF base called Castle Fate, preparing to take control of Belmont's fertile North Fields by force if necessary.

In the middle of all this stand Lancer, Rand, Annie, and Lunk, opponents of the new military state and enemies of the Zentraedi aggressors, willing to risk their lives one more time for their friends and for the future of humanity.


First ArcEdit

Issue 1 -- BelmontEdit

Issue 2 -- ExileEdit

Issue 3 -- Iron ButterflyEdit

Issue 4 -- FateEdit

Issue 5 -- LancerEdit

Issue 6 -- Yellow BelmontEdit

Hosq ArcEdit

Hohsq's Story: A Robotech RomanceEdit

Threadbare ArcEdit

Issue 7 -- The Threadbare Heart: Part 1Edit

Issue 8 -- The Threadbare Heart: Part 2Edit

Issue 9 -- The Threadbare Heart: Part 3Edit

Final ArcEdit

Issue 10 -- Four EyesEdit

Issue 11 -- Burt Finds A JobEdit

Issue 12 -- Ghost MachineEdit

Issue 13 -- The Girl in the MoonEdit

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