Robotech: Love Live Alive
Production information


  • Frank Catalano
  • Melanie MacQueen
  • Gregory Snegoff
  • Alexandra Kenworthy
  • Suzy London
  • Tom Wyner
  • Richard Epcar

The New Generation

Robotech: Love Live Alive was clip show produced by Harmony Gold USA. Released on July 23, 2013, it was based on the 1985 Japanese OVA music video Genesis Climber MOSPEADA: Love Live Alive by Tatsunoko Production. Aside from footage from the original Japanese OVA, it contained a few minutes of newly animated footage by Big Star Enterprise and Ragex Animation.


In the year 2044, a news reporter named Kay interviews Lancer a few hours before his scheduled concert. Lancer recalls the events leading to the Third Robotech War, along with his prior involvement with the 10th Mars Division and his association with the band of rebels that helped defeat the Invid forces. After the interview, he starts his concert with a rendition of Lynn Minmei's "We Will Win".

Following the concert as Lancer sits alone at night and only thinks to himself, he is surprised by his returning family. Scott, Marlene/Ariel, Rand, Rook, Lunk, and Annie all take him out for a campfire dinner and talk about what the REF has been up to in the aftermath of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. Lancer denies an invitation from Scott and Rand to join them on the fleet's new mission to find Admiral Hunter and the SDF-3, giving his own valid reason as they all head off for some sleep. Lancer remains awake and leaves his family behind. He drives through the country while back at his small cabin, Sera prepares breakfast for her returning love. As he returns, Lancer and Sera reaffirm their devotion and Sera reveals to him that she is expecting their first child soon.


Robotech: Love Live Alive has received lukewarm reviews since its release on home video. User Xamtaro from IMdb gave the film a 6/10, stating the film "should have been re-animated from scratch rather than a mediocre edit job". While he ultimately condemned the animation as being similar to something done in Adobe Flash, he did praise the return of many voice actors from the original series. A number of reviews on Amazon criticized the film's lengthy development time, commenting it was nothing more than a recap of the Robotech: The New Generation and showed little creativity in its presentation.


  • Harmony Gold USA had previously threatened legal action against Yellow Dancer's original singing voice, Michael Bradley, after he tried to release a special anniversary single, featuring songs he had worked on in Robotech: The New Generation. This falling out led to Bradley not being invited to participate in this video release, though he was ultimately credited.
  • This was the first Harmony Gold USA project in recent years that was dedicated to Carl Macek. The next was the failed Kickstarter project, Robotech: Academy.

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