Robotech: Return to Macross
Cover artist

Mujib Rahiman

  • Tim Divar
  • Mujib Rahiman
  • Tim Eldred
  • Wes Abbott
  • Sean Bishop
  • Dusty Griffin

Chris Ulm

Publication information
  • Eternity Comics
  • Academy Comics
Release date

March 1, 1993 - October 1996



Robotech: Return to Macross is a long-running, 37-issue black and white comic series written by Bill Spangler and originally featured the art of Dusty Griffin and Mujib Rahiman, and was published by Eternity Comics and later, Academy Comics. The story revolved around Roy Fokker and Henry Gloval's time on Macross Island, as they try to understand Robotechnology while dealing with various political and terrorist threats. The story also featured Breetai and Exedore's search for Zor's Battlefortress. The series was praised for its strong writing and solid artwork.


  • Khyron makes an appearance in the series, assisting Breetai and his troops in battle. This contradicts their relationship in the original Robotech series.
  • The story is noted for being a bit of a mess, continuity-wise, due to the public use of Veritechs and Destroid mecha, as well as Breetai being depicted as a mere infantryman instead of a Fleet Commander.
  • Yet another classic Robotech work that delves into how Breetai loses an eye, and Anatole Leonard is depicted as a villain.
  • According to Jonathan Switzer, the SDF-1 is drawn identical to its appearance after being rebuilt by mankind, not as a pseudo-Zentraedi/Robotech Masters ship. It contradicts Exedore's remark in Episode 1: Boobytrap when he states that the SDF-1 "...appears to have been completely remodeled."
  • TR Edwards sports a mustache in this series.

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