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Robotech 3000, often abreviated as RT3K, was an original attempt to develop a sequel for Robotech. This all-CGI series would have been set a millennium in the future of the Robotech universe and featured none of the old series' characters. The story was based during an era of peace under an interplanetary federation a thousand years in the future, to avoid conflicts with Robotech's complex continuity.

In the first three minutes of the uncompleted pilot, shown as a thirty-second and three minute trailer, an expedition was sent to check a non-responsive mining outpost and are attacked by Robotech machinery "infected" by living protoculture. Some of the new concepts presented were Veritech Excavators, Proteus-group starships, however the trademark anime style and transformable mecha of the earlier series were not present.

Plot DetailsEdit

While few details were released, the setting of Robotech 3000 would have been in the distant future, where protoculture-powered mecha have gone berserk. Series creator Carl Macek hinted that the ultimate revelation would be the evolution of the Invid Flower of Life's into its most potent stage.

Unfolding EventsEdit

In February 2000, the three minutes of Robotech 3000 was shown as a trailer at Famime, an annual anime convention. Fans that saw the footage screamed 'bloody murder' according to many sources present during the event. Negative feedback poured in regarding the all-CGI project, which shared similarities with series such as ReBoot, Voltron: The Third Dimension, and Roughnecks: Starship Trooper Chronicles. Fans demanded the distinctive hand-drawn 2D anime style of the original 1985 Robotech television series.


150pxTatsunoko Production's Suzy Kramer redesign

By May 2000, rumors had circulated that Netter Digital was no longer be working on Robotech 3000, with some speculating it was due to the disasterous reaction at Famime 2K. There was speculation that Foundation Imaging, the studio behind the successful Roughnecks: Starship Trooper Chronicles, had taken over production of the series. Netter Digital filed for Chapter 11 in June 2000 and sold off their assets at years end, although Jason Netter remained a producer on Robotech 3000 and other Robotech works.

In July 2000 at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), it was announced that Robotech 3000 was going to be rebooted in favor of a new series using that featured a more traditional hand-drawn anime style. Tatsunoko Production, the Japanese company that licensed the original series that made up the 1985 Robotech television series, also announced their involvement with the preproduction of the redesigned series. A total of at least 4 full color concept sketches were shown, which was set 700 or 800 years in the future. Harmony Gold USA hoped to release the series in 2002.

Reboot and CancellationEdit

Shortly after the announcement, Carl Macek left Harmony Gold USA to work on the Robotech (Legacy) DVD set for ADV, while Tom Bateman and two others were hired to launch the official Robotech website the following year. The full color concept sketches for the redesigned Robotech 3000 project were shown to fans that signed up for the new "official" site. During the beta testing of the site, fans were given conflicting answers concerning the status of the new "redesigned" Robotech 3000 series.

In 2001, despite the project numerous delays, Harmony Gold USA never officially cancelled the Robotech 3000. This lead many fans to believe that they were still working on the series for some time despite working on something else at the time.



  • According to Jonathan Switzer, Carl Macek allegedly cribbed the “technology going mad” concept of Robotech 3000 from the popular late 1980s cyberpunk OVA Bubblegum Crisis. These concepts include mecha going berserk due to the machinations of an evil corporation.
  • On April 1, Harmony Gold USA uploaded concept images on the official Robotech site (now archived), claiming it was going to be completed and released as a DVD set. Many fans were unhappy at this bad attempt at an April Fool's joke.

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