Robotech Art 1
  • Kay Reynolds
  • Ardith Carlton
Cover artist

Various Japanese Illustrators


Kay Reynolds

Publication information
Release date

February 1986





Followed by

Robotech Art 2

Robotech Art 1 is reference book that contained original artwork, Japanese production designs, and episode guides from the Robotech television series, and was released in 1986. It was very similar to the Japanese Roman Album or This is Animation series of art books, and contained a twenty-page essay on the origins of Robotech. The book was considered a valuable resource, despite a number of factual errors, for the growing fandom of anime during the 1980's. It was published by Starblaze Graphics, an imprint of The Donning Company until it went out of business.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Robotech Art 1 takes you on a new journey -- from the series' origin in Japan and the men who created it, to the first broadcast in the United States. Here you will find character and mecha diagrams, stories and art from the first 85 episodes, and new information never available before. Robotech Art 1 recaptures the action, the adventure -- the fun of one of the most popular animated programs on television today!

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