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The Robotech Defense Force (RDF), erroneously referred to as UN Spacy, was the military defense arm of the United Earth Government.


Early FoundationEdit

Free food, free bullets, and it beats working for a living!

—Rick Hunter

The Robotech Defense Force (RDF) could trace its roots back to the United Nations forces that participated in the Global War. In the wake of the alien battlefortress' arrival on Earth, the UN formed a special branch that could adequately deal with this potential new threat. Others groups were formed, including the Robotech Research Group, which was tasked reverse-engineered to develop new weapons systems to help defend Earth against the expected arrival of more aliens seeking the crashed spacecraft.

By the mid-2000s, the Robotech Defence Force was operating in the public eye. Since the existence of aliens and details behind the SDF-1 were still classified, its primary mission of protecting the Earth against an unspecified alien threat remained a secret. Publicly the RDF forces saw action as a peacekeeping force in the few remaining regional conflicts and, more importantly, they fought skirmishes against Anti-Unification League forces that sought to disrupt the newly ratified United Earth Government.

The "science" of Robotech made its public debut in during the eve of the newly completed Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross' (SDF-1) launch. Though the initial Zentraedi invasion was kept a secret from the general public (the attack on Macross Island being blamed on Anti-Unification terrorists), it did put the RDF into the forefront of planetary defense.

Recent HistoryEdit

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Main Article: First Robotech War

The Zentraedi Holocaust dealt a major blow against the United Earth Government and the RDF. Most senior officers that were left were aboard the SDF-1 during the attack, or had been in heavily fortified facilities that managed to escape direct attack. It was during this period, dubbed the Reconstruction Era, that the RDF was at the vanguard of the the reestablished United Earth Government's relief forces.

The RDF's last major action was the Malcontent Uprisings. After this period, the Army of the Southern Cross, originally designated Task Force Southern Cross, began to take control of planetary military operations. In a few years time, the majority of the RDF would be absorbed by the United Earth Forces (UEF) and Robotech Expeditionary Forces.


When it was initially formed, the RDF was one part of the larger UN Forces. While the majority of the UN Forces were national military groups from member nations assigned to UN roles, the RDF was the only one that answered solely to the UN and not to an individual member nation. With the formation of the United Earth Government, the armed forces of the member nations were slowly being unified under a single command as well, with the idea that they would all form part of the larger united earth defense force.

After the Zentraedi Holocaust and the restoration of the United Earth Government, the RDF Central Command was also recreated, though many of the senior flag officers had been killed in the orbital bombardment and had to be replaced. During the Reconstruction Era, the RDF was the sole military force operating on Earth. An additional level of senior command was created with groups responsible for control of RDF assets in the various geographic regions of the Earth (as well as the Space Command responsible for orbital and extra-planetary oprations).


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