Robotech Firewalkers
Cover artist

Robert Chang


Chris Ulm

Publication information

Eternity Comics

Release date

January 1, 1993




Third Robotech War

Robotech Firewalkers is a one shot comic written by Bill Spangler and Tim Eldred, published by Eternity Comics and released on from May 1992 - October 1993. The story centered around Lancer and Bekka Cade's one last mission together, as they face a deadly new Invid unit.

Plot summaryEdit

After a prolonged war in deep space, the Invid took the human forces by surprise, invading Earth and claiming it as their own. Slowly the various units of the Robotech relief fleet make their way back to their captive homeworld, intent on avenging their fallen comrades and kicking the Invid out of the solar system.

Firewalkers focuses on the members of a small assault force, particularly two young officers, Lancer and Bekka Cade. They find themselves teamed with Nathan Brill, a former member of the Army of the Southern Cross (oddly wearing a Robotech Defense Force flightsuit) himself and now the self-appointed protector of a small outpost of refugees. Lancer, Bekka and their surviving group hope to recruit Brill to their cause, but the gruff warrior is less than enthusiastic about having the resistance army on his doorstep, and even threatens to betray them to the aliens. When Lancer is taken captive, however, Bekka must trust the reluctant Brill with her friend’s life and the success of their mission.


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