Robotech Genesis: The Legend of Zor

Jason and John Waltrip

Cover artist

Jason and John Waltrip


Jason and John Waltrip

Publication information
  • Eternity Comics (Imprint)
  • Malibu Comics (Publisher)
Release date

March - October 1992



Followed by

Robotech: The Graphic Novel

Robotech Genesis: The Legend of Zor is a full color, six-issue miniseries by Jason and John Waltrip and published by Eternity Comics. The series follows the Tirolian scientist Zor and his discovery of the Flower of Life. The series also features Nimuul, the power mad Robotech Master and a number of Robotech Elders, seizing control of Tirol and ordering the defoliation of the Invid homeworld Optera by the Zentraedi armada. The story ends with Zor sending his Battlefortress to Earth, thus beginning the First Robotech War. The series was notable for delving even further into the backstory of Zor and the birth of the Robotech Empire.


Legend of Zor is unique among Classic Robotech works in that it depicts events that predates the original Robotech TV series by several hundreds and thousands of years. According to Jonathan Switzer, the series is notable in how it attempts to humanize Zor, fleshing out his backstory as a scientist on Tirol, on the verge of discovering Robotech nology. He is given a female love interest by the name of Arla, and a politician father named Zol. In some ways, this origin contradicts the alien, almost detached depiction of Zor's clone, Zor Prime in Robotech: The Masters. Sadly, no other official Robotech work to date has attempted to depict events in this part of the timeline. A sequel for this series, Robotech Genesis: Invaders was planned but never completed beyond two finished two scripts by the Jason and John Waltrip due to the comic license switching from Malibu Publishing/Eternity Comics to Academy Comics.


Volume 01Edit

Legend of Zor 1: The ThirstingEdit

Legend of Zor 2: The ChangingEdit

Legend of Zor 3: The ImmuringEdit

Legend of Zor 4: The ShapingEdit

Legend of Zor 5: The HarvestingEdit

Legend of Zor 6: The AvengingEdit


  • The Invid in this series are depicted as very cartoony looking slugs.
  • Zor is scene making love to the Invid Regess.
  • Zor is portrayed as an "individual" throughtout the series, despite the introduction of the concept of the triumvirate by the Robotech Masters.
  • According to resident Robotech expert, Jonathan Switzer, this series suffers, like many of Robotech comic series of the time, from a lack of grander vision or scale. This comment comes from the fact that much of the drama takes place in the city of Tiresia.
  • According to Jonathan Switzer, Zor's Battlefortress, referred to in this series as the SDF-1, was described as the flagship of the Robotech Masters' new fleet. This contradicted other classic Robotech works, particularly Jack McKinney's novelizations and the RPG, both of state that the ship was of Zor's own design.

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