Robotech II: The Sentinels: Cyberpirates

Bill Spangler

Cover artist

Thomas Tenney


Thomas Tenney


Chris Ulm

Publication information
  • Eternity Comics
  • Malibu Comics
Release date


Robotech II: The Sentinels: Cyberpirates is a 4-issue comic written by Bill Spangler and illustrated by Thomas Tenney, and released on from March 1991 to late 1991. The series is set four year before the Second Robotech War and featured the exploits of Terry Weston, a test pilot, as he investigates the tragic death of his fiancée. His findings lead him to the Giles Academy, a mysterious institute that exploits gifted young children. The series is well known for introducing new backstories for Dana Sterling and Rolf Emerson, that may have contrasted with series' canon.

Plot SummaryEdit

Cyberpirates depicts a 14-year old Dana as being a student at the Giles Academy, an allegedly exclusive school for the children of VIPs. In reality, Headmaster Dr. Henry Giles along with his assistant Dr. Joseph Petrie, were pawns of Commander Anatole Leonard and the school was set up to spy on influetial people who might be political enemies of Leonard, who was determined to consolidate his control over Earth. While investigating the death of a pilot flying an experimental Veritech, General Emerson investigates the Giles Academy and discovers an undercover project that was using the schools' children to telepathically hijack Veritechs. Emerson arranges for his agent Terry Weston (whose fiancée was the pilot killed) to be hired as an instructor at the academy, during which Weston becomes close to Dana, and she helps him investigate the school.


Eternity ComicsEdit

Cyberpirates #1Edit
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  • Writer Bill Spangler claimed he had originally intended to blend the cyberpunk elements of Akira and Robotech's mecha action together.
  • It is suggested in the comic book art (but not explicitly mentioned) that Dana loses her virginity to Weston (who is age 25 at the time). Their friendship continues following the exposure of the Academy and they meet again soon after the end of the Second Robotech War.

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