Desu, Dera and Demi
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Robotech Masters

Surely Zor, you're not prepared to destroy your most precious creation? The embodiment of all your hopes and dreams? Without, your native civilization will wither and die.


Desu and his clone brothers Dera and Demi were the titular Robotech Masters and the primary antagonists in the series, Robotech: The Masters. Elitist and ruthless, these Robotech Masters harnessed the power of Protoculture and developed Robotechnology to create a vast interstellar empire. They created the Zentraedi to crush anyone that threatened their power and influence.

After the destruction of Dolza's Grand Fleet, the Masters embarked on a quest to recover Zor's Battlefortress. Using their dwindling supply of protoculture to sustain their clone populations, the Masters become more and more desperate to recover the remain of the Protoculture Factory, willing even to sacrifice their own people, before the Invid discover it. They were originally in Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, the series which was adapted into the second "saga" of Robotech.


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