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Second Robotech War

I'm simply relaying the orders from General Reinhardt, commander of the mission, when I say they can offer you nothing more except his hopes and prayers.

Major Carpenter

The Robotech Relief Expedition, otherwise known as the Earth Relief Force, was series of reinforcements sent by the Robotech Expeditionary Force to aid Earth against the Robotech Masters. The first to arrive was the Tokugawa-class Battleship Recon-1, part of the Pioneer Expedition, along with a full complement of SF-6 Liberté Fleet-Defense Aerospace Fighter. The ship was commanded by Major John Carpenter, who had previously been stationed in deep space for fifteen years. "Here is the situation: Earth is not expecting us to come to her aid, and we can only hope that the aliens aren’t either." Despite his bold pronouncement, the Relief force was no match for the Robotech Masters that blockaded the Earth. During the debriefing with Earth Command, it was reported that no new reinforcements could be sent at that time, and that his ship was merely a last ditch effort to join Earth's battered defense forces. Carpenter and his colleagues feared his failed attack had exposed Earth's defenses.

Later during the Army of the Southern Cross' 2nd Offensive against the Masters, reinforcement from hyperspace, otherwise known as Transport Squadron 85, linked up with Emerson's battered fleet. A third wave of reinforcements came in during the final battle on Monument City. One of these task force's carried the famed Jonathan Wolfe and his squad, the Wolf Pack.

The Army of the Southern Cross was left to rebuild and regroup after catastrophic final battle with the Masters. In that time, the fourth and final relief expedition was sent, this time commanded by Commodore Benson. He would help facilitate Earth's evacuation following the threat of a third alien invasion on Earth.

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