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Under the United Earth Government, the world's most brilliant minds formed a research team to study and restore the alien space fortress. Deciphering documents found on-board, they labored to unravel the secrets of an incredibly complex technology called "Robotech".


The Robotech Research Group (RRG) was a general think tank group that was formed to study and reverse-engineer the sophisticated new science of Robotech.


The Robotech Research Group (RRG) was established shortly after the alien battlefortress crash landed on Macross Island. The organization was composed of the most brilliant scientific and engineering mind from all over the world. The science investigation team that investigated the downed alien vessel, re-designated the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1), would later form the core of the original Robotech Research Group. Their official headquarters was based in Tokyo and they had several facilities spread throughout the world.

Throughout the Reconstruction Era, the RRG continued to uncover new secrets from salvaged Robotechnology. Many of the original members would later move to deep space during the Pioneer Mission. The United Earth Government later relied on their own spinoff division, the Robotech Research and Development.

Notable MembersEdit

Notable DiscoveriesEdit

  • Anti-Gravity Generators/Artifical Gravity
    • AG systems were used on space naval ships and many planetary bases. The AG system provides internal artificial gravity for ships and installations, compensates for inertia from sub-light accelerations, and cancel gravity effects from planetary bodies.
  • Fold Drives
    • Fold Drives were one of the very first Robotech devices developed by the early Robotech scientists, and one of the most important. Fold Drives create a pocket of warped space/time around the vessel, effectively removing the vessel from the physical universe to “Fold Space”, an actually non-existant realm. In Fold Space the matter of the ship was re-aligned at the quantum level, when the ship’s quantum reality was properly aligned it “De-Folds” the pocket of time/space distortion, the vessel becomes a real space object again but in a different location. This process of quantum re-alignment in Fold Space took time and this time gives the illusion that one is ‘moving’ through Fold Space. Folding and De-Folding causes gravitic and radiation disruptions as one small part of the universe is moved to another. Space Folds in gravirt wells are very dangerous. If a vessel attempts a space fold while in a planetary atmosphere roll on the Fold Mishap table.
  • Holographic Projection
    • Holographic projection had many uses,from creating virtual environments inside of ships, clothing stores, advertising, and most computer monitors are holographic. Holo-trinkets were also very popular, these small holo-recorders were made into jewelry pendants and can record messages.
  • Hyper Communique’s
    • All space faring vessels with a Fold Drive were able to transmit and receive messages through Fold Space, across vast interstellar distances. In essence a radio transmission was Folded to another point in space, when the transmission de-folds the radio waves propagate across space/time at the normal speed of light. One cannot just send out a broadcast and have it propagate across vast interstellar distances, the communication must be sent to a specific spacial coordinate, at least within the same solar system as the target. Most notable was the communication link between Earth and the expeditionary force in deep space.

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