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Second Robotech War

This could be useful in the plan.

—Major Cromwell, Robotech Department

Robotech Research and Development, otherwise known as the Robotech Department, was a the research division under the jurisdiction of the Global Military Police (GMP) of the United Earth Government (UEG).


The Robotech Research and Development (RRD) was unique in that it had oversight from Global Military Police (GMP) Intelligence. As such, the GMP would regularly employ RRD personnel to act as covert agents, sometimes going so far as to spy against their own personnel within the United Earth Forces, hoping to gain intellgience or technological advantage.

Most people were unaware of the organization's deviousness and often ruthless nature. One such notable incident was a report filed by Pvt. Louie Nichols of the 15th Squad against a certain Major Cromwell after the former's invention, the Pupil Pistol (aka Nichols's Special Vision Track Firing System or VTFS) was used to further the war effort, instead of just being limited to training as he had been promised.


Anticipating the coming of the Invid, RRD transfered most of the organization's personnel and equipment off-world to deep space facilities operated by their Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) counterpart. Their resources remaining on Earth were moved to hardened bunkers, RRD planners hope these facilities will become useful should the Invid establish a foothold on humanity's  homeworld. Incomplete intelligence on the Invid, in part from Robotech Masters scientists, suggest it would be nearly impossible to defend against the Invid's initial invasion.

Classified InformationEdit

Certain high-level agents had access to a confidential Zentraedi database. One such agent, George Sullivan was reported to have had detailed schematics of the Robotech Masters motherships.

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