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Robotech Visions is a special fan project dedicated to expanding and enriching the fiction of the original Robotech series. The project originally began on the Facebook Group of the same name, and consisted of illustrations by User:Mechachap and descriptions and story direction by Tom Bateman and Dennis Bateman, all in service of depicting a linear storyline without the benefit of actual animation. The intent of the group was to tell stories within the Robotech universe that hopefully stayed true to the spirit of the original series, and to stir positive discussions among fans. Currently, the first story arc that has been released was Robotech: Fall of the Southern Cross.


The Robotech Visions project was first conceived after numerous discussions regarding the untapped potential of the original Robotech series, and how it was a universe that stand enough well on its own and apart from its original source material. There was an initial desire to expand the Robotech: The Masters, which was for the longest time, the most neglected segment of the entire Robotech property by the official license holders. One thing led to another, and the official Robotech Visions Facebook Group was started. A number of promotional teasers was released, along with an initial batch of art. This first series of illustrations depicted 'what if' scenarios of the aftermath of the Second Robotech War, such as the status of the clone refugees who survived the war with the Robotech Masters, or what became of the Dana Sterling and the 15th Squad.

As the scope of the story started coming into fruition, it was decided by the creators to that it would be best to deliver the story in a linear fashion to allow for continuity. Since the first illustrations began with the aftermath of the Second Robotech War, it was decided that the group start off with a proper story that would bridge the gap between the Robotech: The Masters and Robotech: The New Generation. This concept evolved into Fall of the Southern Cross.

Issues with CanonEdit

The material depicted in Robotech Visions technically isn't officially licensed "canon", but more akin to a fan reboot. As such, current offically sanctioned "canon" material and timeline of the Robotech property have been disregarded to allow maximum creative freedom for the Visions crew. Therefore, official spinoff works such as Robotech II: The Sentinels, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, Robotech: Love Live Alive, video games, novels and comics will not be part of the Visions universe.

As the old saying goes, 'Canon is what you make of it', and Robotech Visions' universe will be its own unique entity.

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