Robotech Visions has its own unique timeline of events.

Robotech Visions Timeline is the main canonical timeline used by the Robotech Visions metaseries. It incorporates elements from various sources produced throughout the original series inception, and tries its best to consider animation and dialogue cues in order to be as true to the series and the universe as possible.

The Robotech Visions universe actually began after Zor, a Tirolian, discovered the Invid Flower of Life. This discovery led to the development of an advance science known as Robotech. The Robotech Visions timeline only acknowledges the original animated series and its Visions spinoffs as canon. It must be noted that certain events will be expanded upon in the future.

The "science" of Robotech is fictional and a catch-all term for the many mechanical and bioengineering advances throughout the series. Another common thread the three Japanese separate series that was tied together to form the Robotech metaseries was Protoculture, a powerful energy substance that made all of Robotechnology possible.

Robotech Visions Canon Works (Chronological Order)Edit


Over the last few decades, it's general knowledge that a definitive timeline for Robotech is impossible. It's a universe that was pieced together by Carl Macek and his staff of writers, in a span of 8 weeks, from three Japanese animated series that had nothing to do with each other. Much of what was seen on screen was tied together by a narrator that would oftentimes contradict what was seen in the animation. And yet despite these limitations, the show worked for the most part.

The scarcity of replayable video during the original series' broadcast made interpretation of the series' timeline fairly difficult. The Comico comic adaptation, the Jack McKinney novelizations, Jason and John Waltrip's Robotech II: Sentinels comic series - all seemed to spin off into their own idiosyncratic universes. This is why, when creating the Robotech Visions timeline, it was best to disregard these Classic Robotech works, and go with the original series as the "official source". Going by that interpretation, the closest, most reasonable timeline that was first released was by writers of The Unofficial Robotech Reference Guide, where they came out with their own unique methodology. Significant contributions were also made by User:rtsurfer, who helped in ironing out many of the timeline's dates and events. One of the major issues that surfaced while piecing together the Visions timeline centered around the beginning of Robotech: The New Generation, which based on the original series' dialogue cues, would've had it actually start at 2035-2036. However, with the release of the Robotech: Protoculture Collection, these dates are no longer feasible due to the series being directly tampered with to accomodate a much later starting point of 2042.

1999 July

  • A large alien spacecraft bursts through hyperspace and enters Earth's atmosphere, crashing on Macross Island in the South Pacific.
  • The nations of the world, who are engaged in a global war at the time, call a cease-fire to assess the alien threat.

1999 August

  • Official investigation of the derelict alien spacecraft begins. The crash site on Macross Island is designated a UN sphere of jurisdiction.
  • The Global War officially ends, though the terms are not satisfactory to all parties.

1999 September

  • The Robotech Research Group is formed.
  • According to the first top secret report of the study of the alien spacecraft, it is discovered that the ship is military in nature, and its crew are on average, six times the size of human beings, with exceptional individuals exceeding fifty feet in height.
  • Terrified by the all too real prospect of invasion from deep space, a campaign is initiated to unite the Earth under one unified government.

2000 January

  • Development of weapons systems for use in combat against the giant alien threat begins.

2000 June

  • The construction of the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1) is formally announced to the world, though the true nature of its underlying alien technology is kept "top secret".
  • Framing plan for a united Earth government is officially proclaimed.
  • Anti-Unification League is formed.

2001 July

  • Construction of the first permanent bases on the Moon and Mars begins. Mars Base Sara is the first to be completed.
  • Civilians begin to emigrate to Macross Island, to work on the SDF-1 project.

2001 September

  • The first attempt at developing a Robotechnology-based weapons system is begun. Designed for ground combat, this project eventually lead to the development of the Destroid mecha.

2002 February

  • A proposal for the development of a variable configuration, all-purpose Robotech combat system is introduced. Several prototypes forms are considered, including a jet fighter and motorcycle.

2002 May

  • Construction of the first Earth Defense Command Center begins in secret in a remote area of Alaska.

2003 April

2005 January

2006 March

  • VF-X flight tests begin, a jet frame concept incorporating non-functional components, still under laboratory development, that will be developed into a multi-mode transformable mecha known as a veritech.

2006 June

  • The MBX-01 Destroid Prototype, the first successful mecha is completed.
  • Variants of the basic chassis of this Destroid are also developed, resulting in the Destroids "Tomahawk", "Defender" and "Phalanx".

2007 March

  • The VF-1X Veritech concept frame begins extensive testing, first piloted by Roy Fokker, with all functional components necessary for transformation.

2008 May

2008 September

2009 January

2009 June

2009 July

  • Recovery of civilians from the safety of the Macross Island shelters is successfully completed. Supplies and resources, along with much of Macross City, are also transferred inside the SDF-1.
  • The Prometheus and Daedalus are attached to the SDF-1 as mecha carriers and begin to conduct flight operations.
  • Reconstruction of Macross City inside the SDF-1 commences.
  • The main guns of the SDF-1 are found to be useless after the power conduits between the generators and guns were lost when the fold drive vanished.
  • A modular transformation of the ship is initiated, allowing for the SDF-1 to fire its main guns, resulting in the destruction of an attacking Zentraedi force.

2009 September

2010 February

  • While attempting to collect supplies from the abandoned Mars Base Sara, the SDF-1 is rendered immobile by a Zentraedi gravity mine trap. Khyron's forces launch a vicious attack, but the SDF-1 is able to escape when the reflex furnaces of the base are detonated, destroying the gravity mines.

2010 May

  • Lynn Minmei is crowned "Miss Macross" in the Miss Macross Beauty Pageant.
  • On a routine patrol, 3rd Lieutenant Rick Hunter takes a prototype VF-1J "Armored Veritech" into combat and destroys a small Zentraedi Cyclops reconnaissance scout ship which was monitoring the Miss Macross Pageant broadcast.
  • Despite the loss of the intercepted transmissions, the Zentraedi scouts report their findings back to their commander, Breetai.

2010 June

  • While the SDF-1 hides in the asteroid belt, a Zentraedi ship under command of Khyron fires on the SDF-1's command tower, destroying its long range radar.
  • SDF-1 Operations Officer, Lieutenant Commander Lisa Hayes and the Vermillion Group (Flight Leader - 2nd Lieutenant Rick Hunter and Corporals Max Sterling and Ben Dixon) are captured by the Zentraedi while on a reconnaissance mission.
  • The human prisoners are taken back to the headquarters of the Zentraedi Grand Fleet, where they are interrogated by Dolza, the Supreme Commander of the Zentraedi Legion.
  • During their captivity, the human prisoners manage to escape. Following his failure to recapture the fugitive humans, Breetai is relieved of his command, and his replacement, Commander Azonia, is put in charge of recapturing the SDF-1.

2010 July

  • Upon her arrival in the solar system, Azonia leads an attack on the SDF-1 as a decoy while sending her top ace pilot Miriya Parino to insert micronized Zentraedi spies Bron, Konda and Rico into the SDF-1 undetected.
  • The escaped prisoners manage to pilot a stolen Zentraedi battlepod into space when the SDF-1 comes under attack. They are soon rescued by Commander Roy Fokker and the Skull Squadron.
  • The SDF-1 punches through the Zentraedi blockade and returns to Earth, landing in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Captain Gloval and Lieutenant Commander Hayes fly to the Earth Defense Command Center in Alaska, and petition to have their civilian passengers to be allowed off the ship. The request is flatly rejected, as they had been declared dead and a cover story was already in place.
  • Against Commander Azonia's orders, Khyron launches unauthorized attack on the SDF-1, which is successfully repelled using the Daedalus Attack.
  • During the battle, 2nd Lieutenant Rick Hunter is injured by inadvertent friendly fire.

2010 August

  • Zentraedi ace pilot, Miriya Parino, launches her first direct attack on the SDF-1. She meets defeat at the hands of Veritech ace pilot, 3rd Lieutenant Max Sterling, but escapes, vowing revenge.
  • Commander Roy Fokker, leader of the Veritech fighter squadrons aboard the SDF-1, dies as a result of wounds sustained in battle.

2010 September

  • Rick Hunter is promoted to 1st Lieutenant and returns to duty as pilot of Roy Fokker's veritech fighter and the new Leader of Skull Squadron.
  • Desperate to force the united Earth government to allow him to resettle the civilians aboard the SDF-1, Captain Gloval begins low flights over North American cities, while broadcasting his demands over uncoded frequencies.
  • The city of Toronto, in the Ontario Quadrant, agrees to receive the citizens of Macross City.
  • During an attack by Zentraedi warships on the SDF-1, the ship's omni-directional barrier defense system overloads, causing complete destruction within a twenty-five mile radius.
  • Permission to resettle the refugees is immediately withdrawn by Ontario Quadrant.

2010 October

  • Commander Breetai arrives back at Earth to recapture the SDF-1 with command of the one million warships of the Imperial Class fleet.
  • Commander Azonia is relieved of her command.
  • Zentraedi spies return to Breetai's fleet. Human culture soon begins to contaminate the Zentraedi.
  • The SDF-1 leaves Earth's atmosphere under orders to sortie away from the planet.

2011 March

  • Small White Dragon, the first movie produced in space, premieres on board the SDF-1.
  • The Grand Cannon is completed at the Alaska Base Earth Defense Command Center.
  • Determining the micronian humans to be a significant threat, Zentraedi Supreme Commander Dolza begins to formulate a multi-stage plan to deal with and eventually destroy the micronians.

2011 April

  • The Zentraedi launch a major assault against the SDF-1, taking advantage of the Daedalus attack to infiltrate the ship. Macross City is badly damaged in the fighting.
  • During the battle, numerous Zentraedi soldiers, enamored by the culture of the micronian humans, take this opportunity to defect to the SDF-1.
  • Upon examination of the Zentraedi defectors, it is found that they are genetically indistinguishable from humans.
  • Captain Gloval and his staff, armed with this new evidence, attempt to convince Earth's leaders to pursue negotiations with the Zentraedi.

2011 May

  • In an attempt to exact revenge for being humiliated in battle, Zentraedi ace Miriya Parino attempts to murder her rival, human ace pilot Max Sterling. Miriya's quest for vengeance awakens emotions deep inside her that exist within all Zentraedi. These emotions lead her to fall in love with Max and their historic wedding is broadcast to the citizens aboard the SDF-1 and to the nearby Zentraedi fleet.
  • Alerted to the wedding, and to the recent defections of the Zentraedi to the SDF-1, Dolza orders his fleet commanders to assemble in order to deal with the "micronian threat" once and for all. Breetai is immediately ordered to destroy the SDF-1. However, due to their exposure to human culture, many Zentraedi refuse to fight. Faced with the threat of mutiny, Breetai orders a withdrawal and unilateral cease-fire. Soon after, Breetai sends Exedore, the Zentraedi Minister of Affairs, as an emissary to the SDF-1 to conduct negotiations. He is met aboard by Colonel Maistroff.
  • Despite Breetai's attempts to pursue negotiations, Dolza has mobilized the Grand Fleet in order to destroy Earth and its human population, before they further contaminate the Zentraedi. Faced with their own destruction, Breetai and Azonia decide to join forces with the humans aboard the SDF-1. Concerned with saving his own life, Khyron refuses to join the fight against Dolza and the Zentraedi Main Fleet.
  • Dolza and the Main Fleet of over four million Zentraedi warships arrive in Earth orbit. Simultaneously, the fleet begins their devastating attack resulting in the destruction of over 70% of the planet's surface. This event would be known as the Zentraedi Holocaust.
  • Despite heavy damage, the Grand Cannon manages to fire, the resulting directed energy blast results in the destruction of a significant portion of the Main Zentraedi Fleet, clearing a path for the SDF-1 and its allies to launch their counterattack against Dolza. Using the Omni-Directional Barrier, along with the singing of Lynn Minmei to disrupt Zentraedi communications, the SDF-1 succeeds in destroying Dolza's flagship along with most of the enemy Zentraedi fleet. The victorious SDF-1 returns to Earth, marking the end of the First Robotech War.

2011 May

2011 July

2012 January

2012 February

  • Dana Sterling, the first child of a human and Zentraedi pairing, is born to Max and Miriya Sterling.

2012 November

2013 August

  • Rioting by Zentraedi the world over begins. Other portions of the disenfranchised Zentraedi scatter to the wastelands. Patrols begin for the sake of maintaining law and order.
  • Admiral Henry Gloval, now Supreme Commander of all Earth Forces, orders the forced relocation of the Zentraedi to where they can be monitored more closely. These areas are later designated Zentraedi Control Zones.
  • Task Force Southern Cross is assigned to oversee the South American sector.

2013 September

  • The Robotech Masters conclude that Dolza's Zentraedi fleet has been lost and feared their rivals, the Disciples of Zor, was responsible for the attack. The Masters prepare their entire fleet to depart for Earth to try to retrieve the Protoculture Factory for themselves.
  • Further genetic studies by human scientists support the hypothesis of a common origin between humans and the Zentraedi.
  • Zentraedi Lord Khyron, hiding out in his wrecked vessel in the arctic, becomes aware of Zentraedi dissatisfaction, and sets about to gather all refugees Zentraedi willing to fight.
  • Early Recon vessels, consisting of retrofitted Zentraedi ships, locate the Robotech Factory Satellite.

2013 October

  • A combined Earth-Zentraedi force succeeds in capturing an immense Robotech Factory and transports the facility back to Earth.

2013 November

2013 December

2014 January

2014 February

  • The remaining population of New Macross City is evacuated and moved to other cities, including Monument City.
  • A memorial is held in Monument City. Lisa Hayes delivers a speech asking for peace and solidarity between humanity and Zentraedi. An unseasy ceasefire is put in place.

2014 April

  • Debris from the last battle on New Macross city's is slowly cleared, and construction of large silos begins to house the ruins of the SDF-1 and its burnt out reflex furnaces. The area is designated SX.83 (SX Point 83) and is declared off-limits to the public. The SDF-2 and Khyron's ship are interred elsewhere before being salvaged for any useable Robotechnology.
  • To ease tensions between the remaining hostile Zentraedi population, food and medical aid is sent into the Zentraedi Control Zones. Max and Miriya Sterling volunteer to oversee the relief efforts.

2014 August

  • Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes are married in a small ceremony, attended by close friends.

2014 September

2014 December

2015 February

  • The Robotech Factory Satellite is broken up into smaller pods, and redesigned to reconstituted as three major space stations, Liberty, Independence and Glory.
  • VF-4A Lightning enters limited into limited service.

2015 July

  • Food shortages in the South American control zone leads to violent confrontation between aid workers and the local Zentraedi population. A number of unarmed Zentraedi are killed. This act signals the beginning of the Malcontent Uprisings.

2015 September

  • Colonel Anatole Leonard is assigned to assume command of Task Force Southern Cross. They are undermanned, underequipped and underfunded, but Leonard makes do.
  • Roy Hunter is born.

2016 January

  • The first deep space colony ship launches, with much fanfare by the international media. Lynn Minmei holds a grand concert during the launch ceremony.

2016 April

  • The Task Force Southern Cross armored division declare their first major victory after taking out a Malcontent stronghold.

2016 July

  • Scott Bernard is born, part of a new generation borne during the mission in deep space.

2017 March

  • Malcontent Uprisings ends after the last known resistance group is taken down by Task Force Southern Cross.
  • Mandatory micronization is made law by the United Earth Government. Zentraedi that failed to comply are sent to serve in space.
  • Lynn Minmei is appointed an ambassador of peace between the Zentraedi and humanity.

2017 November

  • Space Station Liberty is completed, and is transferred to the edge of the Solar System to serve as a way station and observation outpost for the forces in deep space and Earth.




  • The SDF-3 Pioneer, along with the main bulk of the Expeditionary fleet leave Earth to join the rest of the Pioneer Expedition, to search for the homeworld of the Robotech Masters and take out the many enemies they encounter in deep space.




2028 March

2028 November

2029 January

2029 March

  • The Robotech Masters Triumvirate's mothership enters Earth orbit and launches a probing attack against Earth defense forces near Monument City. The attack is repulsed, but the mothership remains in Earth orbit. Earth command at this point is unaware that more than one enemy mothership exists.
  • In the face of imminent hostilities, the Army of the Southern Cross (made up of elite troops from the United Earth Forces), prepares its counterattack. Details about the enemy are announced to the public and the government and military prepare for war. This marks the beginning of the Second Robotech War.
  • A combined attack by Earth's defense forces against the Robotech Masters' flagship results with heavy losses. The Masters retaliate, and attack a major military base near Monument City. The attack is successfully repelled by the quick action of several local units, but the weaknesses of the United Earth Forces against Masters have become apparent.

2029 April

  • A mission is launched to reestablish the link between Earth and Space Station Liberty, its Moon Base counterpart, Luna, and the Robotech Expeditionary Force in deep space. Despite heavy harassment by the Robotech Masters' forces, the mission succeeds and contact between Earth and Liberty is temporarily reestablished.

2029 May

  • The Robotech Masters launch a clandestine expedition to excavate the ruins of the SDF-1. They are discovered by Lieutenant Dana Sterling and Private Bowie Grant of the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps while on patrol. Bowie is captured and held in the Masters' command vessel.
  • An unauthorized mission is launched that succeeds in rescuing the captured soldier. During the ensuing battle, reinforcements arrive on both sides, and the fight quickly devolves into a stalemate. A Robotech Masters mothership arrives on the scene and the bioroids and command vessel withdraw.

2029 June

  • An undeclared cease fire is broken when the Robotech Masters attack and destroy a United Earth Force's base. Twenty human survivors are taken captive, leading to public outrage.
  • Under pressure from government leaders, particularly Prime Minister Moran, General Anatole Leonard (Supreme Commander of the Army of the Southern Cross) orders an immediate retaliatory strike against the counsel of Major General Rolf Emerson and his advisors. The resulting attack against the Master's mothership is a complete failure.
  • Research proceeds on Robotech Masters technology. The bioroid pilots are concluded to be human by Earth scientists, and not micronized Zentraedi, as had been assumed. This information is kept top secret.
  • A weakness in the Robotech Masters mothership is discovered and a squadron of hovertanks (15th ATAC) is air-dropped onto the hull of the Masters' flagship to exploit this vulnerability. The attack is successful and the alien mothership is brought down and crashes to Earth within sight of Monument City.
  • The 15th ATAC Squadron, led by Lieutenant Dana Sterling, succeeds in infiltrating the crashed mothership. Valuable intelligence is gathered from inside, including the capture of a bioroid mecha.
  • Analysis of the captured bioroid reveals much information about the Robotech Masters' mecha as well as their use of android clones.
  • Constant patrols begin around the downed flagship as debate within the general staff continues regarding the Masters and their true objectives toward Earth.
  • The Robotech Masters launch attacks against the civilian populace of Monument City, and over two hundred prisoners are taken.
  • The Tokugawa-class, Recon-1, returns from deep space and is destroyed while attempting to break through the Robotech Masters blockade. The ship was destroyed after it rammed a Masters' motherships. General Leonard and Emerson are informed that they cannot expect any immediate help from the Robotech Expeditionary Force.

2029 August

  • Under the direction of General Emerson, Zor Prime is assigned into a Southern Cross unit. It is hoped that a military environment will awaken his memories as a Bioroid pilot. Lieutenant Dana Sterling's 15th squadron is chosen because of her part Zentraedi heritage, and because of her previous encounters with him in the field.
  • Zor Prime overhears General Emerson's comments that an attack by the Earth fleet is in preparation, and this information is intercepted by the Masters, who have implanted a neurosensor into Zor's brain to monitor him and gather information on the human battle plans.
  • Earth launches its first major offensive against the Masters in space. With the Masters tipped off to the attack and to the strength of Earth's forces by the implant in Zor Prime's brain, it is quickly and soundly defeated, and the few surviving capital ships fall back to the ALICE base on the moon.
  • Zor begins to remember the Triumvirate nature of the Robotech Masters. This is confirmed by observations made during the battle in space. Dana Sterling and Zor Prime also discover the presence of alien flowers within the ruins of the SDF-1.

2029 September

  • Supreme Commander Leonard orders that a second assault wave be deployed with orders to link up with the remnants of the first assault wave and then launch a combined attack on the Masters.
  • The Robotech Masters, through information provided by their unwitting spy, Zor Prime, ambushes the Cavalry-1 relief expedition that has been sent to relieve the battered remnants of the 1st Assault Wave. Despite the odds, the 1st Assault Wave and Cavalry-1 succeed in their counterattack, forcing the Robotech Masters to withdraw. Cavalry-1 proceeds to the moon and the remaining ships of the 1st Assault Wave safely return to Earth.
  • General Rolf Emerson is appointed to lead the second major offensive against the Robotech Masters.
  • En route to the Moon, General Emerson's force is attacked by a battlegroup of small Robotech Masters capital ships and bioroids. After a vicious firefight, Emerson employs a dangerous technique known as an "Orbital Warp Blast" to defeat the Masters' forces and is able to deliver troops and supplies to Moon Base Luna.
  • Along with first wave of reinforcements from deep space, Transport Squadron 85, including Colonel Jonathan Wolfe and the infamous Wolf Pack, General Emerson's Second Offensive launches a combined attack on the Robotech Masters fleet, allowing the insertion of the 15th Tactical Armored Squadron into the alien mothership. The Robotech Masters reassert their control over their clone, Zor Prime, and succeed in capturing the insertion team. Dana Sterling and her team manage to escape and rescue Zor Prime while also destroying the Masters' mothership in the process. Both sides withdraw as a final decisive battle looms on the horizon.
  • The situation for the Robotech Masters has become desperate. Their clones are becoming harder to control and increasingly unreliable while most of their protoculture pods have become infected by the Flower of Life. An event that foreshadows the iminent arrival of their archenemy, the Invid. The Masters resolve to recover the protoculture factory, locked within deep recesses of Zor's battlefortress (now the ruins of the SDF-1.)
  • Triggered by being inside the ruins of the SDF-1, Zor Prime regains the memories of the original Zor, founder of the great Robotech civilization and creator of Robotechnology. Zor Prime vows to destroy the Robotech Masters and the protoculture matrix once and for all.
  • Despite the Masters' ultimatum demanding the humans leave Earth immediately, Supreme Commander Leonard orders all forces to gather for a final assault.
  • Casualties on both sides are heavy, with Leonard and General Emerson both being killed in action. Despite heavly losses, the Masters press on toward their objective: the ruins of the SDF-1.
  • With the assistance of Dana Sterling and the 15th Squadron, Zor succeeds in having his revenge on the Masters and stops them before they can recover the protoculture. After ensuring that Dana and her friends are safely on Earth, Zor attempts to destroy the protoculture matrix by detonating the Masters flagship over the ruins of the SDF-1. However, Zor's last valiant act only succeeds in releasing the spores of the Invid Flower of Life into the sky; spreading the protoculture far and wide instead of destroying it. The Second Robotech War ends as survivors of both sides await the coming of the Invid.
  • A large scale military operation of the Robotech Expeditionary Force in deep space, directed by Admiral Rick Hunter, results in failure. Hunter is relieved of his command.
  • T.R. Edwards takes over Mars Base, the largest governing organization of the Robotech Expeditionary Force.

2029 October

  • Maistroff is pulled out of retirement and accepts his position as the new Supreme Commander of the United Earth Forces, and is tasked with rebuilding the planet's battered defenses.

2029 December

  • Admiral Lisa Hayes-Hunter amasses a large force in deep space to help reinforce Earth. Their objectives include setting up several forward bases in anticipation of a possible new alien invasion.

2030 March

  • Commadore Nolan Benson's fleet arrives, part of Task Force Odysseus of Mars Base.
  • Gallus, a surviving Robotech War Master, along with his strike force, attack the unsuspecting Expeditionary fleet while en-route to the United Earth Forces’ main command headquarters.
  • The Invid Flower of Life continues to spread across Earth. Reports have determined the effect of the strange fauna and its accopmanying spores to have no lasting side effects on humans. Government research groups study the plant, in hopes of creating Protoculture.
  • Tensions between humans and Robotech Masters refugees continue to rise.

2030 May

  • Gallus, decides in utilizing the surviving assimilated Zentraedi population on Earth for his plans. He draws thousands to his downed mothership through embedded neural implants and begins to macronized them one by one.

2030 August

  • Gallus, with his new army of full-sized Zentraedi warriors, proceeds with a full-scale assault on several population centers.
  • Gallus forces his way through to SX.83, in hopes of retrieving the fallen protoculture matrix. Unfortunately, the area is boobytrapped, with no sign of the matrix. The surviving Masters forces retreat.
  • Fighting continues with other remnants forces of the Robotech Masters and Zentraedi in other parts of the world. The Army of the Southern Cross is severely undermanned, which prompts the United Earth Forces to begin an aggressive recruitment of local militias to reinforce their ranks.

2031 January

  • The Third Robotech War begins as the Invid arrive on Earth in an event known afterwards as the Invid Invasion. The battered and beleaguered forces of the Army of the Southern Cross is almost completely destroyed and Earth falls quickly to the alien onslaught.
  • Several ships manage to escape the invasion and head out to rendevous with the Expeditionary forces in deep space.
  • Many major Earth population centers are destroyed, while others are simply abandoned. Invid occupation and protoculture harvesting begins.
  • Anti-Invid groups are formed, but struggle as the Invid cultivate collaborators to suppress the resistance networks.

2031 April

2038 September

  • The Robotech Expeditionary Force launches its first large scale assault on Reflex Point. The attack fails miserably, resulting in heavy losses for the Mars Division fleet.
  • Lieutenant Lance Belmont (aka. "Lancer") of the 10th Squadron, Mars Division crashes to Earth and is rescued from Invid collaborators by Carla Morales, who nurses him back to health.

2040 May

  • Lancer joins the shattered resistance in South America. Travelling under the guise of a female singer, "Yellow Dancer", Lancer travels as a covert courier for the much-weakened resistance network, gathering vital intelligence and information along his travels. Yellow Dancer's music becomes an instant hit, with the promise of hope, and slightly subversive message of resistance. Yellow Dancer's recordings spread throughout the Americas.

2042 September

  • The 21st Mars Division arrives at Earth as part of the Second Earth Reclamation Force. The fleet is intercepted before its troops can begin their atmospheric insertion, and is quickly destroyed by the Invid.
  • Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard survives and crash lands in South America and begins his quest to reach the Invid "Reflex Point", forming a potent resistance group along the way.

2043 March

  • Geological disturbances destroy an Invid Genesis Pit in South America, just as the Regess decides on the human form as the model for the pending transmutation of her race.
  • Invid assemble a massive force to attack and destroy Point K, as well as the near-by towns that had kept it supplied with food and other goods.

2043 April

  • Invid simulagent, Ariel, is transmutated and inserted near the ruins of Point K. Her deployment is a failure, as she loses her memory upon landing and attempts for the Regess to communicate with her are unsuccessful.
  • Ariel is discovered by Scott Bernard's group and is taken along with them as an amnesia victim.

2043 July

  • Invid Princess Sera and Prince Corg are transmutated, and are assigned to track down and destroy resistance groups.

2043 October

  • A crippled Garfish-class cruiser from the Expeditionary Forces that arrived during the Second Robotech War, with an aging crew, destroys a key Invid broadcast tower in the American West in a suicide run.

2044 January

  • The geothermal generator that powered Denver, which has been trapped under a decade's worth of heavy snow and ice, is destroyed by Scott Bernard in an attempt to escape an Invid assault. The thawed "bubble" of city created by the heat from the generator is also destroyed.

2044 May

  • Corg begins a genocidal rampage in New York city against Sera's direct order. Resistance fighters in town to raid the protoculture warehouse located in Carnegie Hall destroy the local Invid hive, and the attack is suspended.

2044 July

  • Large numbers of ground troops from the fleet and the resistance forces assemble near Reflex Point for a major assault.
  • Sue Graham of Jupiter Section battalion is sent to Earth to determine the strength of the Invid on Earth prior to the main assault on Reflex Point. Contact is lost with her fleet a short time after they reach Earth.

2044 July

  • The main fleet of the Robotech Expeditionary Force returns to Earth. The fleet assembles at Luna, at the edge of the far side of the moon, and awaits the arrival of the flagship, the SDF-3, which fails to defold with main group. The SDF-4 takes command in Admiral Hunter's absence.
  • The Robotech Expeditionary Force launches its final mission to reclaim the Earth from the Invid. Suffering heavy losses, a surgical strike comprised of stealthy Shadow fighters and drones are dispatched to Reflex Point.
  • Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard and his group of resistance fighters is granted an audience before the Invid Regess at the initiative of Ariel. When it becomes apparent to the Regess that the continuation of battle would lead to the mutual destruction of both races, she makes preparations to leave to an undisclosed location.
  • Invid Prince Corg is killed in battle by Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard.
  • Fearing that this final Earth Reclamation Mission might end in failure, the SDF-4 orders the use of the Neutron-S warheads to take out all life on Earth's surface. The resistance and the Invid join forces to counteract the Expeditionary Force's assault on Reflex Point to give the Regess time to depart.
  • The Invid leave at the command of the Regess. During their departure, the Neutron-S warheads and much of the Expeditionary Force's fleet is also destroyed.

2044 August

  • A concert is held near the ruins of Reflex Point to celebrate the end of the Third Robotech War. Lancer reveals his identity to a shocked crowd.
  • Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard leaves Earth to join the remainder of the Expeditionary Forces at Moon Base Luna.
  • Operation is begun to locate the missing SDF-3 and Admiral Hunter.

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