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This is a free resource center based on the Robotech Visions universe. Sources for this are derived from The Unofficial Robotech Reference Guide, as well as various ideas and influences from the original novels, comics, and animated spinoffs. The goal of this alternate setting is to stay true to the spirit and tone of the original Robotech series.

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This quarter's Feature Article is the Bioroid Invid Fighter.

The Invid Fighter, sometimes referred to as Armored Bioroid Fighter was built by the Scientist Triumvirate late in the Second Robotech War. It was designed with fighting both humans and Invid in mind, which means the mecha was fast, agile and deadly. Using the last reserves of protoculture, the Scientist and Intelligence Triumvirate worked together to create this dangerous and unique Bioroid, starting with the pilots. Invid Fight Pilots, called Vada Prime, were cloned as sets identical to triplets from the best genetic stock the Masters had left from their once storied Tirolian Legion. Already born with exceptional traits, these triplets were then highly trained, and programmed and indoctrinated to think and fight as one even though they fought in squads of three. This meant they watched each others backs, use team strategies and put the welfare of the trios above the individual pilot. Invid Fighter pilots also had a limited, instinctual telepathic powers that allow them to read each others thoughts, feel each others emotions and communicate instantly between themselves. All three Invid Fighters attacked one target at a time, three on one, quickly overwhelming their opponent, rip them to shreds, and move on to the next. They were deadly brutal fighters who battle to win. (Read more...)

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Robotech Visions Spotlight on Fall of the Southern Cross!

One of Vision's on-going illustrated series is Robotech: Fall of the Southern Cross. Set immediately after the Second Robotech War, this project aims to re-imagine and elaborate on this much ignored segment of the series' epic storyline. The synopsis is as follows, "In his final act, Zor Prime failed to destroy the protoculture, instead spreading the spores of the Flower of Life across the planet. The Army of the Southern Cross was now battered and decimated, while the Robotech Masters were literally adrift and powerless with their leaders having been killed off and their protoculture matrix completely exhausted.

With Supreme Commander Anatole Leonard and many senior officers perishing in the final furious battles, the situation threatens to fall into disarray and strong leadership was needed. General Maistroff was summoned out of retirement to become Supreme Commander once again."

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Sign of Macross

Check out tribute to Robotech: The Macross Saga done in still images in the vein of Gundam Zeta's remarkable opening!

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