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Rook Bartley, also known as the Red Warrior, was member of Scott Bernard's freedom fighters in Robotech: The New Generation, and was voiced by Susie London. Rook was a tough, feisty young woman who kept her feelings to herself. She joined Scott Bernard's resistance group to put a stop the Invid occupation. She had a younger sister, Lily, who lived in her hometown, Cavern City, now married to Rook's first love, a local boy named Romy. Rook later had a relationship with Rand, a fellow member of Scott's resistance group. She was named Houquet in Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, the series which was adapted into the third "saga" of Robotech.


Life had been cruel to poor Rook. She was originally a member of the Blue Angels, a gang in her hometown of Cavern City. She fell for their leader, Romy, who taught her how to ride the motorcycle. She had a falling out with the gang and her lover after complications during a rumble with their rival, the Red Snakes. She left Cavern City a broken woman, leaving her younger sister and mother to fend for themselves. A few years later, she salvaged a red Light Combat Cyclone, which became her signature vehicle as the "Red Warrior". She became the mysterious, red-garbed freedom fighter and fought the Invid and hostile gangs when she felt like it. She was a lone wolf, and found peace as a vigilante.


Rook was born in the relatively poor Cavern City. Her family struggled to eke out a living, and matters weren't helped by Rook's rebellious demeanor. She would later join the Blue Angels after she fell for Romy, the gang's leader. During a crucial brawl with their gang's rival, the Red Snakes, Rook was viciously beaten and assaulted after Romy failed to show up. She left the city, but could never shake off the horrors she had experienced. She found a red cyclone, which became her signature vehicle, and acted as a vigilante of the wastelands.

Her life dramatically changed after she joined Scott Bernard's resistance group. She confronted her past, and found peace within herself. She began considering Scott's group her new family. Her hope was to be Annie's surrogate sister, after abandoning her own little sister back in her home. She tolerated Rand's advances, but eventually falls for the rogue. The two have a life together after the Third Robotech War.

At one point during her journey, she wrote her mother a letter, wishing her well and saying she had found a renewed purpose in life. She promised she'll be back to pick and the pieces.


  • Rook Bartley was rarely featured in Classic Robotech works. Her father, while never mentioned or seen in the Robotech: The New Generation, was featured prominently in several Jack McKinney works, often during the period the Malcontent Uprisings.
  • Rook played the role of a vicious killer and in the Bruce Lewis comic series, Robotech Invid War: Aftermath. That series takes place directly after the Third Robotech War, where humanity has taken refuge at a small protected fort. At one point, Rook returns to her home in Cavern City, only to find her sister and mother were brutally murdered. This prompted a change in Rook, who scars her face, then joins Nova Satori (who turns out was actually named Lana Isavia) in her bloodthirsty mission to restore order.
  • Is the mother of all the tsunder women we know today

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