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SC-27 Star Goose Space Shuttle
Technical specifications

24.8 meters


25.3 meters


13.5 meters

Engine unit(s)

Shimada Propulsion FF8-20J2 fusion turbines

Sensor systems

Howard AWG-20 X-band pulse-Doppler radar

Navigation system

Thomson DOS-2000 multi-band digital camera system

  • Elettronica Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
  • Westinghouse ALQ-200(V) active radar jammer



2 crewmen


18 individuals


Robotech Defense Force

The SC-27 Star Goose Space Shuttle was a orbital shuttle craft of the Robotech Defense Force (RDF).


The Star Goose was designed to provide a means to transport personnel and supplies from Earth up to spacecraft in orbit and back again. The passenger seats provided an individualized armor sheath/emergency life pod capable of sustaining life for up to 12 hours.


Full nuclear and chemical protection, immunity from hand fired solids and energy beams, shrapnel and other fragments. Limited protection from heavier weaponry, adequate up to 20mm autocannon shells or equivalent. Additional thermal shielding provided for repetitious re-entry maneuvers.


Few A models survived the Zentraedi Holocaust, mostly being stationed aboard the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1). The RDF still needed space shuttles to ferry troops up to the remaining Zentraedi fleet. Due to the limited production capabilities of the RDF until the procurement of the Factory Satellite, it was decided that a new model would be created that maximized sharing of components with other higher production units, especially the Valkyrie. The shuttle used the smaller the Valkyrie thrusters, but added a center thruster to each bank. The B model also had a third intake on top of the shuttle to support the VTOL thrusters.


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