AF-3 Bat
Technical specifications

17.4 meters


12 meters


12 meters

Power plant

Shimada Propulsion DT156 protoculture reactor

  • 3 x Makral Martszur-3
  • 3 x Touwhaug Gativar-9

Robotech Expeditionary Force

The AF-3 Bat was a heavy assault bomber of the Robotech Expeditionary Force. It saw extensive used during the mission to reclaim Earth from the Invid.


The shape of the Bat was inspired by later generation Veritechs. From there, relatively small wings led to the main hull, which contained the reaction mass tankage, the cockpit, electronics and the two lasers. The missile hardpoints were mounted under the inner wings. Compared with the advanced heavy assault Veritechs, the Bat had a higher acceleration and top speed, and nearly the same effective weapons load. Late in the design stage internal bays for Hammerhead and Diamondback missiles were added to the upper nacelles, to allow for a greater defensive capability.


The skin of the Bat was composed of an advanced titanium-steel alloy. The armored skin stopped all small arms fire, provided good protection against heavier infantry weapons, such as a 12.7mm machinegun round, and fair resistance to light mecha-mounted weaponry, such as the Zentraedi 22.3mm HE autocannon round. The total protection was marginally better than that on the Valkyrie. The Bat provided full protection from nuclear, biological, and chemical hazards, using an overpressure cockpit environment activated by radiation and hazardous chemical sensors, or manually when biological warfare conditions are anticipated. The internal consumables supplies could provide atmosphere for one day maximum.

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