SVC-30 Ox Lift Tug
Production information

Space Naval Auxiliary Vessel

Technical specifications

28.4 meters


9.2 meters


9 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

Mach .95

Fold capable


Power plant

Turbomeca RT-50 reaction mass thrusters


The SVC-30 Ox Lift Tug was a space tug used for ships that necessitated a rapid launch. They were commonly found in off-world bases and deep space colonies.


The Southern Cross Aerospace Command determined the need for a vehicle to assist in launching their space vessels into a low earth orbit for launch to conserve their reaction mass for deep space operations. An auxiliary requirement was for the vehicle to assist in launching their space vessels when a rapid launch situation required more launch facilities than were available at the major space facilities. These requirements led to the development of the Ox space lift tug that allows naval vessels to be launched vertically into low earth orbit while the vessels using the primary launch facilities would launch in a more conventional angled launch profile.

The Ox consisted of mostly engine and reaction mass. Five Oxen are capable of lifting a fully loaded Nelson-class destroyer to low earth orbit.


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