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Robotech Defense Force

One man's junk is another man's protoculture.

—Major General Rolf Emerson

SX.83 (SX Point 83), more commonly known as the Ruins of the SDF-1, was located in Sector 16, Northeast Quadrant, formerly in the Western United States, a site that would be crucial to the Second Robotech War. The area contains three large silos, shaped like flat-top mounds and insulated by soil, that house the decaying remains of the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1). The Robotech Masters focused on the mounds as their reconnaissance reports show the highest readings for proto-activity at this location. They strongly suspect the Protoculture Factory Matrix was buried under one of the mounds, humanity didn't realize it could still be valuable. At first, readings made the Masters suspect the unguarded site was actually protected by a form of Inorganic Sentry or was an Invid Trap, later they concluded the site was disguised by low levels of radioactivity.


Khyron and Azonia, commanding a restored Zentraedi Gunship, launched a fatal surprise attack against the  Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1) while it was resting in a New Macross City late. The United Earth Government (UEG) stripped the crusiers down then hauled off everything except the most seriously damaged components, which included the SDF-1's Reflex Furnaces with Protoculture Factory Matrix hidden inside. The city was sealed off for fear of radiation contamination, Citizens were evacuated, many settled in nearby cities, like Monument City. Fearing further incursions by Zentraedi Malcontents, the three "mounds" were constructed on site to secure the remaining componets of the SDF-1.

Protoculture Factory MatrixEdit


The three mounds almost twenty years after the First Robotech War.

Unbeknownst to the United Earth Government (UEG), the trashed components stored inside the mounds included the SDF-1's primary reflex furnace, it contained a special chamber that humanity would not know about until sixteen years later. The Robotech Masters knew of this secret chamber placed there by Zor, but were unsure how to extract the Protoculture Factory Matrix intact. In their desperation, they opened it along with the furnace and mound, exposing the blossoming mutated strain of the Invid Flower of Life, releasing active spores and seedlings.

Musica, mystress of the Cosmic Harp, Zor Prime and members of the 15th including Dana Sterling discovered a recently revealed entrance that lead down a narrow hallway to the inner chamber, spores leaked from the Protoculture Factory Matrix previously secured within. Surprisingly, the cylindrical Factory chamber was lined by rough stone that appeared to be growing along the walls, they stood on a large smooth stone ledge with a stone staircases and pathways winding to the basin below. The vat was filled with liquid Protoculture and Flowers of Life, lots of spores filled the air, some sailed high toward the glowing rings above, it felt like a sacred place.


There is no other way. The destruction of this ship over the site of the battlefortress is the only guarantee that the protoculture will be obliterated before it brings the Invid to this planet.

Zor Prime's Final Words

The 15th ATAC Squad and Musica helped Zor Prime regain his own memories and those of the original Zor, he and Dana Sterling proceed to violently halt the Masters' plan, she had a vision warning of the coming Invid. He sacrificed himself to destroy the Robotech Masters' Mothership over the mounds in an attempt to annihilate what was left of the Protoculture, only to inadvertently spread the Flower of Life's active spores over the Earth. The planet became a fertile garden waiting to be cultivated by the Invid.

Shortly after the Second Robotech War, the remains of the Protoculture Factory Matrix was removed from the mounds and the planet Earth by the Robotech Expeditionary Forces (REF) and the Global Military Police (GMP).



  • One of the most egregious things depicted in the Robotech Wildstorm comic series From the Stars after 2001 depicted the construction of the three silos (aka mounds), in one can be seen the remains of the SDF-1, in another Khyron's Gunship, and the third was nearly completed. This was a misinterpretation by the artists since based on what's seen in Robotech: The Masters, the mounds couldn't contain battlecruisers of that scale. The series also specifically states the site as being the Ruins of the SDF-1.
  • The Trade Paperback of From the Stars had a preproduction reference drawing identifying the third uncompleted silo as containing the remains of the SDF-2. The Super Dimension Fortress-2 Megalord (SDF-2) was mentioned then referenced being destroyed in the final TV episode of Robotech: The Macross Saga, although it was  never actually seen in the animation. Carl Macek placed the SDF-1 and SDF-2 back to back in the Comico comics adaptation for that episode, to explain why three mounds he also suggested placing one cruiser in each mound.
  • Robotech Invasion, another later Wildstorm comic series, depicted a small Zentraedi fleet, under the command of Lisa Hayes and Rick Hunter, burying the silos, and giving them the mounds look, with a bombardment from space. This idea that was justified by the creators to hide the Protoculture Factory Matrix from elements of the Army of the Southern Cross.

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