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If only one of you survived the invasion, you must find the Invid Reflex Point, along with their queen, the Regess.

—Scott's Commander

Scott Bernard was the protagonist in in the series Robotech: The New Generation, and was voiced by Greg Snegoff. Born in outer space during the Pioneer Mission, Scott Bernard was part of the new generation of Robotech defenders who has never seen Earth for his entire life. He served as a pilot under Jonathan Wolfe's Wolf Pack before being reassigned one of the advanced battalions trying to reclaim Earth from the Invid. He arrived on his ancestral planet as one of the few survivors from this advance Robotech fleet. After he recovered from the shock of seeing his Horizon-T destroyed with his fiancé, Marlene Rush, aboard, Scott set about to fulfill his mission to reach Reflex Point and join Admiral Rick Hunter's new army at all costs. He would later have a relationship with Ariel, an amnesiac he called Marlene, who turned out to be an defective Invid stimulagent. He was named Stick Bernard in Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, the series which was adapted into the third "saga" of Robotech.


Scott Bernard was a natural but sometimes reluctant leader, and the commander for the 21st Combat Squadron in Mars Division, under the authority of Mars Base. He had previously served with the Wolf Pack, an elite squadron that was established by Jonathan Wolfe, a war hero that had gone to Earth to fight the Robotech Masters during the Second Robotech War. Scott accumulated other human freedom fighters on his way to Reflex Point and formed a resistance force that battled the Invid occupation force as they made their way to the final battleground. A moody and driven young man, Scott must relearn the value of friendship from his new acquaintances as he moved slowly towards his final goal.


Lonely Soldier Boy

For the young Scott Bernard, he knew nothing but life in space and always felt the most at home there. He joined the military and trained as a Veritech pilot. Over the next few years, Scott excelled as pilot and capable leader. He advanced through the ranks with ease, even joining the infamous Wolf Pack at one point in his career. He was part of a new generation of Robotech warriors.

Lt. Scott Bernard was one of the thousands of young cadets sent by Admiral Rick Hunter on his second Earth Reclamation Force, where they hoped to retake Earth from the dreaded Invid. This second assault, despite being armed with the most sophisticated weaponry ever produced by the Robotech Expeditionary Force, met the same fat as the first - near complete obliteration. During this fierce battle, Scott watched in horror as his Horizon-T was destroyed during reentry with his fiancé, Marlene Rush, aboard. Scott however, survived after he crashed somewhere in the South American sector. Scott turned his sorrow and anguish into revenge, arming himself with ride armor for his Veritech Cyclone. He began the long trek to Reflex Point, the main base of the Invid and their supreme ruler the Regess.


Along the way, Scott recruited several unlikely individuals to join his resistance group. Rand, Rook Bartley, Lunk, Lancer, Annie, and the mysterious Marlene were the members of this rag-tag guerrilla force, and together they had dozens of fun adventures as they head to Reflex Point. In their journey, they met the infamous Jonathan Wolfe, confronted corrupt politicians, assaulted a snowy mountain base, went skinny dipping near the coastline and even fought dinosaurs in the Genesis Pits.

Their personal war brought them to the final battle at Reflex Point. While Scott's friends tried to reason with the Invid Regess, he battles ferociously against the evil, bigeted alien Corg. After a few close encounters with Corg, while piloting both an Alpha then Beta Fighter, Scott aids Lancer and the Invid princess Sera as they defend the main Reflex Point hive, so that the Regess can prepare for the Invid's departure from Earth. He has come to terms with Marlene turning out to be an Invid princess named Ariel, and they had reconciled while he switched from his downed Alpha to his resistance group's Beta. Scott and the others witnessed the Invid departing Earth in the form of an energy phoenix guided by the Regess to a new world, the REF's Neutron-S Missiles and some of its orbiting vessels were vaporized as it passed. The Robotech Reclamation Force had suffered heavy losses from this and previous battles, the time has come for Scott and his friends to celebrate peace and renewal at a Yellow Dancer farewell concert.


Scott decided to leave his friends behind, promising Ariel that he will return, she wonders if he will. The Super Dimension Fortress-3 Pioneer (SDF-3) was still missing and Scott, ever the diligent soldier, decided it was his duty to find the lost battlefortress and its infamous commander, Admiral Rick Hunter.

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