The Sea Squad
Historical Information




Other Information

Army of the Southern Cross

Sea Squad was a division of the Army of the Southern Cross.



Sea Squad's standard armor.

The navy branch of the Army of the Southern Cross was the Sea Squad. The Sea Squad patrolled the seas and oceans of the world. A variety of warships and submarines were deployed, as well as Beachmaster Class Vessels and Submersible Aircraft Carriers.

Recruits in this branch of the service were highly skilled in underwater combat and exploration. they engaged in underwater reconnaisance, rescue, combat, demolitions and recovery. Currently, an experimental underwater city, off the northwest coast of the Australia quadrant, was the focus of most of the Sea Squad's manpower and resources. The majority of the fleet could be found in Asia and coastlines of the North American quadrant.

The Sea Squad had little need for mecha, but did utilized special power armor to assist in giant warships and underwater operations.

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