Searchlight Drone

Robotech Masters



Technical specifications
Maximum speed

80 km/h running

Power plant

One miniature Protoculture reactor

Year introduced



Robotech Masters

The Searchlight Drone was a A.I. controlled mobile searchlight used by the Robotech Masters during the Second Robotech War.

Technology and Combat Characteristics Edit

The Searchlight Drone was little more than a walking spotlight. They possessed a rudimentary articial intelligence and performed important military functions for the Robotech Masters. These drones had a laser range finding and targeting system that functions in the ultraviolet spectrum of light, making them invisible to the naked eye and to most artificial optic system commonly used by combat forces.

The drones functioned as forward observers, bathing light into spotted enemies and transmitting data to Bioroid, artillery or spacecraft patrols nearby. These drones have no weapon or combat systems of their own, but are usually part of a larger military force. These drones are able to follow simple commands and can be controlled by either voice or radio.

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