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Sera was a character in Robotech: The New Generation and voiced by Barbara Goodson She, like her "siblings", Corg and Ariel, were Invid that took human form. These new forms proved problematic as they began dealing with complex human emotions, something here hive-minded race were not accustomed to feeling. This led Sera to question the nature of her species, especially after seeing the cruelty of Corg in battle. Things take the turn for the worse when she becomes irrationally attracted to Lancer, a member of one of the human's resistance groups against her kind. By the final battle on Reflex Point, she and Ariel, who had finally regained her memories, argued with their mother, the Regess, about what they've been doing to the people of Earth all this time. The Regess realized the folly of her plans and decided to leave the planet to seek a higher level of evolution elsewhere in the galaxy. Ultimately, Sera ends up with her love, Lancer. She was named Solzie in Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, the series which was adapted into the third "saga" of Robotech.

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