Shōji Kawamori
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February 20, 1960

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  • Studio Nue
  • Satelight

Shōji Kawamori (河森 正治) is a Japanese anime creator, screenwriter and mechanical designer. He is most famous for his work on The Super Dimension Fortress Macross and AKB0048.

Personal LifeEdit

Shoji Kawamori was born in Toyama, Japan in 1960. He attended Keio University in the same years as Macross screenwriter Hiroshi Ōnogi and character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto, where they had a Mobile Suit Gundam fan club called "Gunsight One", a name they would use years later as part of the Macross series. According to the liner notes of the AnimEigo DVD release of the Macross TV series Gunsight One was also the fanzine title of the Gundam fan club that creator Shoji Kawamori, character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto, and writer Hiroshi Oonogi (members number 1, 2, and 3 of said club) founded while they were students at Keio University in Japan.

Anime Creation and ProductionEdit

Shoji Kawamori occasionally used the alias Eiji Kurokawa (黒河影次 Kurokawa Eiji) early in his anime career when he started as an intern member of Studio Nue and worked as assistant artist and animator there during the late seventies and early eighties. Later on his career Kawamori created or co-created the concepts which served as basis for such notable anime series as The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, The Vision of Escaflowne, Earth Maiden Arjuna, Genesis of Aquarion, Macross 7, and Macross Frontier. His projects are usually noted to contain strong themes of love, war, spirituality or mysticism, and ecological concern. Kawamori is currently executive director at the animation studio Satelight.

Mechanical DesignEdit

Shoji Kawamori is also an accomplished mecha designer — projects featuring his designs range from 1983's Crusher Joe to 2005's Eureka Seven. Also, each and every variable fighter from the official Macross series continuity has been designed by him.

During the late seventies and early eighties Shoji Kawamori helped to create several of the original Transformers: Generation 1 toy designs. Among them the first Optimus Prime ("Convoy") toy design, Prowl, Bluestreak, Smokescreen, Ironhide and Ratchet. Over 20 years later, he returned to Transformers by designing both the Hybrid Style Optimus Prime and the Masterpiece version of Starscream for Takara.



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