You can see from this graphic representation that the protoculture generator has been designed with a fourth-dimensional configuration, making the Shadow Fighters invisible to the Invid. It’s that simple.

Sue Graham, Jupiter Section

Shadow Technology, was a special field of science that was discovered during the latter years of the Third Robotech War. The most well known application of Shadow Technology was the Shadow Device, an electronics countermeasure that masked the detection of the protoculture generator signature from the Invid. This new development covered a range of techniques used with personnel, aircraft, ships, mecha, missiles and satellites to make them less visible (ideally invisible) to Invid sensors, and possibly other forms of radar, infrared and sonar. It corresponded to camouflage these parts using a special fourth-dimensional configuration. It was initially seen by resistance forces on Earth being used on AFC-01X Shadow Fighter during the final battle on Reflex Point.

Technological ApplicationEdit

Shadow DeviceEdit

The activation of the Shadow Device, which could be fitted on-board any mecha, veritech or ship, led to the formation of a fourth dimensional field which not only masked targets from ordinary electronic sensors but also Protoculture sensors though the target remained visible. The masking device proved useful during the final battle on Reflex Point, however the specially designed AFC-01X Shadow Fighter that used them were still no match for the numerically superior Invid.

Synchro CannonEdit

Thanks to Shadow Technology, Robotech scientists and engineers were capable to create advanced weaponry in the form of Synchro cannons, a small, more efficient form of Reflex cannon. The Synchro Cannon could be fitting to small vehicles and mecha, and dealt a destructive blow to anything in its path.

Neutron-S MissileEdit

The Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) fielded the Neutron-S Missile during the final battle on Reflex Point. They were considered the most devastating Robotech weaponry of its time, capable of wiping out an entire planet. Their use was never seen however, as the Invid Regess took them out before they caused any damage.

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