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Shimada Enterprises was a vast conglomerate, founded by the Shimada Family, that existed prior to the First Robotech War and continued their economic dominance well after the Reconstruction Era. They were one of the largest civilian companies that supplied the Robotech Defense Force and later, United Earth Forces and Robotech Expeditionary Force. They were originally known as suppliers of the popular Shimada propulsion systems, and would later expand their operation to supply development and construction assistnace to a number starships, including the Tokugawa-class Battleship, various off-world and deep space colony bases, and would be behind much of the Army of the Southern Cross vehicle and mecha designs.



Shimada Enterprises was led by the influential Shimada Family. Members of the Shimada Family often kept themselves away from the public eye, though they have many power connections with the United Earth Government.

Research and Development

Shimada Enterprises and its subsidiaries were the first to sponsor research into the new science of 'Robotech'. They built a strong relationship with United Earth Government and the newly formed Robotech Research Group (RRG), where they helped to construct the Robotech Research Center located in Tokyo, Japan. One of their special subsidiaries became involved in several confidential military projects. They would later work closely with the RRG on projects involving deep space exploration and colonization. Aside from serving military contracts, they also developed a wide array of products for the civilian market.

Bio Engineering Division

Shimada Enterprises were known to maintain top of the line Bio-Engineering facilities that served both military and civilian markets. They pioneered the development of adding Protoculture Chips to Robotech circuitry, advancing computational and processing power beyond anything on the market at the time. They would later help develop the Advanced Lunar Chemical Engineering or ALuCE-1 facility on the moon (prior to it being abandoned and transferred to deep space), and helped develop and construct various starships thanks to their robust shipyards.


Reconstruction Era


A high tech factory.

Shimada Enterprises was founded by the influential Shimada family prior to the First Robotech War. They became the primary suppliers of various propulsion systems for Robotech Defense Force (RDF). They struggled to rebuild their empire following the Zentraedi Holocaust. In a few short years, the Shimadas managed to construct a number of large-scale shipyards and production facilities.

Their fortunes swelled after successfully bidding for a number of lucrative military contracts with the United Earth Government, beating out their chief rival, Proteus Group. They were able to provide critical production facilities for the construction of the Super Dimension Fortress-2 Megalord (SDF-2). They also helped develop and supply a number of long-range reconnaissance vessels including the Tokugawa-class Battleship.

Pioneer Expedition

As humanity began spreading into deep space, Shimada Enterprises followed. They were the largest privately held corporation operating off Space Station Liberty, giving them an immeasurable technical and scientific advantange. They were said to be responsible for helping design the Izum-class Large Cruiser, and later, the Ikazuchi-class Large Cruiser.

Malcontent Uprisings

Shimada Enterprises were tapped to develop new weapons of war for Task Force Southern Cross (TFSC). The company became pioneers in designing smaller, more compact battloids. They also helped design new equipment and armor, tailor fit to their commander Anatole Leonard's exacting standards.

Second Robotech War

The United Earth Government sought the company to completely replace the aging Veritech Logan. Development began for the Veritech Armored Gyro Attack Helicopter (AGAC), a versatile transformable fighter that could also operate in space. After a successful run with various testbed versions in a number space-based operations, the AGACS were rolled out for use on Earth against the Robotech Masters.

Post-Invid Invasion

With the colonies reeling from the loss of Earth from Invid, knew they could profit from the recovery of the planet. Admiral Rick Hunter established the Earth Reclamation Force, which necessitated a whole line of weapon systems capable of fighting the massive swarms of the Invid.

There was a renewed interest in smaller transformable vehicle. Recalling the success of the Hargun, the Shimadas were called in to assist in the development of the Cyclone power armor. At the same time, development for the new Alpha Fighters was was greenlit.

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