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Robotech Expeditionary Force

We have to get this on film so Admiral Hunter can view it. Maybe it will give us a clue as to how these aliens operate.

—Sue Graham, Jupiter Section

Lieutenant Sue Graham was a character in Robotech: The New Generation, and was voiced by Mónica Pavón. Sue Graham was an intelligence officer of the 36th Squadron of the Jupiter Section, a department of Jupiter Base of the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF). She was an experienced videographer responsible for documenting reconnaissance data from the battlefield. She volunteered to oversee the deployment of the new Synchro Cannon and to report to command regarding the capabilities of the Invid on Earth. She also carried data regarding the new Shadow Technology that was to be used by AFC-01X Shadow Fighter during the final battle on Reflex Point. She was a highly dedicated soldier that came off somewhat cold to her comrades. She was declared missing in action, after contact with her battalion was lost. She was Shinobu Takeuchi of the News Group of the 36th Moon Base Squad in Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, the series which was adapted into the third "saga" of Robotech.

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