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Symphony of Light

Jack McKinney

Cover artist

David Schleinkofer

Publication information

Del Rey

Release date

November 12, 1987





Preceded by


Symphony of Light is a novel written by Jack McKinney, and released on November 12, 1987. The novel follows the final moments of The Third Robotech War as Scott Bernard and his friends face the Invid horde. The book was first published by Del Rey.


Publisher's SummaryEdit

It had been a long hard road for Scott Bernard and his ragtag band of Robotech irregulars; but the Invid stronghold known as Reflex Point was finally close at hand, and preparations were under way for a full-scale assault.

But the Invid Regis was not about to surrender so easily the world she had come halfway across the galaxy to claim - especially now that her experiments in racial transmutation were nearing their conclusion.

And no one, Human or lnvid, thought to ask whether Protoculture might have something to say in these matters. But indeed it did; and the final encounter of the Robotech Wars would be more mystifying than anyone had imagined.

And Earth Was The Prize!


Plot SummaryEdit


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