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Tactical Armored Space Corps
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Army of the Southern Cross

The Tactical Armored Space Corps was an elite division of the Army of the Southern Cross.



Tactical Armored Space Corps' standard armor.

The TASC was an elite army trained to pilot transformable veritech air and space mecha. Their main mecha of choice during the latter part of the Second Robotech War was the versatile trans-atmospheric space mecha, AJACS Attack Copter. Many believed the AJACS was more formidable in space than the older VF series Veritech Fighters.

Experts in veritech air vehicles, the TASC pilots also piloted the transformable VF-8 Logan. A light Veritech fighter best suited for aerial combat.

The veritech pilot was taught every aspect of his machine under the most difficult combat conditions on land, air and space. Although the TASC pilot could learn to pilot Battloids, it was not part of the formal training.

The TASC body armour was unique in that it is designed for mobility in space. To accomplish this, it has several manoeuvering jets built into the feet, knees and chest, and shield. Speed and mobility can be further enhanced with the addition of the Space Booster Back Pack. The self contained oxygen supply of the body armor enabled these bold warriors to function in space without the protection of their mecha or spacecraft.