Task Force Southern Cross
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Robotech Defense Force

Task Force Southern Cross was originally a destroid unit that served during the First Robotech War, and was part of the Robotech Defense Force. It was best known as the precursor to the Army of the Southern Cross.The Southern Cross was originally named after the cross-like constellation of stars only visible from the southern hemisphere on Earth. During the Reconstruction Era, the unit was assigned keep keep the peace in South America, which had become a haven for disenfranchised Zentraedi.

As more and more resources and manpower were used for the Pioneer Mission under the Gloval Initiative, pressure was placed on the makeshift "army" to safeguard the newly classified Zentraedi Control Zones. As the Malcontent Uprisings boiled over, the Southern Cross, despite being under funded and under equipped, responded to the threat quickly and efficiently. Much of their success was attributed to their commander Anatole Leonard, and his subordinate Rolf Emerson.

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