The Masters' Gambit

Jack McKinney

Publication information

Del Rey

Release date

March 1, 1995





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Southern Cross

The Master's Gambit is a novel written by Jack McKinney, and released on March 1, 1995. It was released in paperback on November 26, 1988. The novel takes place prior the events in The Second Robotech War and features a new cast of characters as they face an evil plot cooked up by those dastardly Robotech Masters. The book was first published by Del Rey.


Publisher's SummaryEdit

The Robotech Masters had come to Earth to reclaim the precious Protoculture Matrix -- the enigmatic substance that powered an entire civilization. But poised on the edge of Earthspace, the Masters discovered their mission would not be easy. For Earth's Robotech defenders had vanquished the Masters' clone army, and the Super Dimensional Fortress that concealed the Matrix lay inaccessible beneath the ruins of Macross City. And though the SDF-1's mother computer had survived the holocaust, it was now housed at the Humans' Protoculture research lab in Tokyo -- where it had embarked on a second career as EVE, the telegenic guiding voice of the postwar generation.

EVE was the Masters' only possible access to the buried Matrix. But two things stood in their way: an ally of the Humans who seemed to be the renegade Robotech scientist Zor, and a group of young, cynical hackers out to subvert Tokyo's most powerful computers -- especially EVE the most tempting target of them all...


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