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The United Earth Government (UEG) was formed shortly after an alien battlefortress crash landed on the Earth. Their military arm was the Robotech Defense Force. Much of the governing body was killed after the Zentraedi Holocaust.

During the Reconstruction Era, the UEG was reformed, with the United Earth Forces under its command. In both iterations, they had the Global Military Police help to enforce the rule of law, maintain secrecy and conducted espionage against potential enemies. However, the iconic "Kite" logo was dropped by the Second Robotech War.


Early FoundationEdit

After the discovery of the alien battlefortress on Earth, the divided nations of the world decided to unite. Fearing the the potential alien threat related to the event, they formed the United Earth Government, and dedicated funding into research on the new science of Robotech.

Post-Zentraedi HolocaustEdit

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The Zentraedi Holocaust dealt a major blow against the United Earth Government (UEG) and the Robotech Defense Force (RDF). The senior officers that were left were either aboard the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1) during the devastation, or had been hidden in heavily fortified facilities on Earth. In the wake of the destruction, they knew they had no choice but to rebuild what was left of humanity's shattered society. However, reestablishing a new United Earth Government wasn't going to be easy.

Feudal SocietyEdit

As the planet began showing signs of being rehabilitation, many of the suriving settlements established themselves as independent feudal-type societies. After much political wrangling, many of these city-states agreed to be under a limited capacity with the reestablished United Earth Government. It would take yet another alien invasion, this time by the Robotech Masters that would place this new society to the test.


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