VC-33 Light VTOL Cargo Plane
Production information

Cargo Plane

Technical specifications

12.2 meters


19.5 meters


5.4 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

810 km/h

Engine unit(s)

BMW Rolls-Royce BR720 turbofan engines

Sensor systems

AlliedSignal RDR4 (TTR-SS) X-band multi-mode frequency-agile pulse-Doppler radar

  • Elettronica Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
  • Westinghouse ALQ-200(V) active radar jammer


  • 2 crewmen
  • 25 troops

Robotech Defense Force

The VC-33 Light VTOL Cargo Plane, sometimes referred to as Mom's Kitchen, was a cargo craft of the Robotech Defense Force.


The VC-33 saw use during the Global War ferrying troops and supplies to the front lines. It's size and vertical landing capabilities allowed the transport to unload its cargo close to the front lines thereby allowing rapid deployment and resupplying of troops in the field. These aircraft were used all over theaters of the Global War and due to its widespread use, it earned the nickname "Mom's Kitchen" as they frequently served as resupply aircraft for the forward troops. The VC-33 transport also saw extensive use ferrying VIPs all over the world. This aircraft was especially useful at Alaska Base as the size and VTOL capabilities were useful in allowing the aircraft to land within the grand cannon thereby obscuring the passengers from any land- or space-based surveillance systems. Since this aircraft also sees frequent use by carriers, the wings fold up for easier storage.

The Task Force Southern Cross used the VC-33 to ferry troops for rapid deployment, as well as the Logistics Corps using them for forward supply.


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